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How to Create a FREE Website for Business — 20 Comments

    • Hello David Snodgrass,
      I’m glad that you find it easy to understand. Building a free website really doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as we follow the step-by-step video guide, it should be fine 🙂

  1. Very nicely written as always Edy! WordPress is the best CMS there is, I’ve been using it for over a year and still loving it. Paid websites are always better than free ones but as long as content is as great as yours, any website can be successful. Keep up the good work!

    • You are right Riaz Shah! Content will be the king to build a successful website. As for starting out, this can be done through practice. It is not hard at all. Writing is simply communicating. Anyone can make a long term revenue for their own business.

  2. Hi Edy, you provide great advices for people interested in online business. I myself am in the process of building a site and find your suggestions very useful and accurate. A lot of interesting stuff in your other posts as well. Congratulations for all you have achieved so far. Jovo

    • Hi Jovo Vranjes, I will do my best to build my website in mission of helping others to achieve online success.
      I have visited your website as well. It is beautiful and love your high quality mountains images. WA have taught us a very awesome skills to build a long term online business.


  3. I am really new to this, but I would like to create my own blog, and guide really helped me, yes, it took me longer, than you said(it is not you, It is entirely my fault, Me has the dumb 😛 ). Thank you very much for the tutorial.

    • It is okay Lyubomir. It took me so long too to create my first website, but now it becomes second nature. We all start somewhere and progress pretty fast after understanding the actual process 🙂
      I wish you succeed in building your online business!

  4. Hi Edy, I agree that building a website is quite an easy task these days. With the help of WordPress, there are no computer programming or coding skills necessary. Like you said, anyone can build the foundation of a functional website in just a matter of minutes, especially with your #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve built free websites with them, and moved on to a paid membership, and I’m now producing an income online. The feeling of owning my own online business that grows more and more each month is an amazing feeling to say the least.

    • Absolutely Matt!
      Having a website to start online business will the 21st century success path. I personally would love to help others generating income by using the power of internet. But first of all, they have to understand the basics which can be learnt inside Wealthy Affiliate. The best of all, it cost $0 for many excellent step-by-step trainings.

  5. WordPress is definitely my choice for opening a new website. I am no expert in IT, but WordPress is easy enough to learn and operate. Even more important is that, you can actually scale your website like a proffesional as you become better and more skilled. Great sharing Edy, thanks a lot!


    • WordPress is easy to use and newbie-friendly. I agree with you Dlansing that we can scale our website like a professional after stacking skills from the trusted sources. Highly encourage people to start learning online marketing for their future business’ benefits!

  6. Edy- Good article with great information. Switching from a free to paid website in WA sounds easy. Wa is a great program. Like the video. Will come back for more info. Thanks

    • I’m glad that you like the video Tracy.
      WA is indeed a great program as it is FREE to taste without any risk involved. I rarely see this advantage from other places 🙂

    • Hello San,
      Your website is great buddy. Few things that I notice that you should consider changing. They are:
      1. You have too many plugins that makes your site loading slow.
      2. Try to cut down your sharing buttons into 4 or 5. This will make your readers easy to choose.
      3. It seems you focus too much on the design, be sure to focus on creating content first.
      Let me know if you need further assitance. I’d love to help you out!


  7. It is great knowing that now we can build websites easily without using dream weaver and hand coding pages yourself and uploading to a host via FTP. Now everything is done for you and there is really no point to do it the hard way anymore. Especially when the platform is based on WordPress, the most versatile, SEO friendly framework around.

    Great write up.

    • That’s absolutely right Brandon!
      Why would we concern for something that is already simplified for us. Today’s technology is getting more advanced and ease our work greatly. This can be a great benefit for people who are not experience to the coding world at all. I myself not great at website coding, but it is nice to learn it for future advantage. 🙂

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