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How to Create A FREE Website And Domain Name — 22 Comments

  1. Edy,
    Great step by step on how to create a free website. These steps should get some people excited about building a website and getting a domain name to make some money online. The steps after the website creation are just as important, and the first ten steps are just as free as the website creation.

    • That’s right John!
      Building a website is not just for fun. But it can actually leads to long term revenue. Many people don’t know this and have no idea how to do it. That’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in. To teach people on building a successful online business based on their passion 🙂

  2. The scariest thing I ever did online was to create a free website. I mean, I actually put it off for several years. Then I realized how easy it was with a siterubix blog and now I have several sites.

    I really wish I didn’t let fear hold me back. Oh well, you live and learn, right?

    • That’s right Wendy!

      Most of us didn’t realize that HOW easy it is to build a website. The fact that Siterubix has changed this perspective 180 degree. But it is really not difficult at all. As long as we practice doing it, we will soon become expert on our own website 🙂

  3. EdyIsChandra super great site. All I can say, i wish you all the success and plenty clicks. the pictures are great and it very informative, clients will automatically see and wont be disappointed if they click for the next page. I really like it. you describe everything what people want to know about online marketing.

    • Hi Belinda,

      I am glad that you like my website. This is dedicated to help people succeeding online. So it is my pleasure to give them necessary information to start their right foot onto the online business.

  4. Hello Edy, I like your site and the way you are explaining the 5 steps of creating a free website. So if I sign up as a free user and i’m not active regularly due to some other everyday’s activities, so will my account stay active till when? can they close it? Would like to know it.

    • Hello Charlotte,

      That’s a great question.

      And the answer is NO. Your free account will remain there. And you can continue anytime you want in the future. But don’t forget your ID and password alright.

  5. I think this is an excellent site, I found it to be well planned with good content used. The images used were well placed. I found the WA advertising to be well set out, and definitely objective to all the visitors to the site.
    Front page is fantastic.
    Well done and congratulations on the site.

    • Hi Niel,

      That’s awesome hearing you say that. As you go on the training within WA, you will soon understand how to build your website properly and earn revenue. Wealthy Affiliate training is so powerful. That’s WHY I want to teach people to generate passive income basde on their passion within their own website!

  6. Great article, I had experience with Wealthy Affiliate when I first got started and definitely is a wealth of knowledge on top of offering these great tools.

    I was wondering though in comparison to just building a WordPress site what would make this different? What are some of the advantages that someone will enjoy by going with WA?

    – Will

    • Hi Willox Perez,
      Wealthy Affiliate teaches many aspects of building an online business from scratch. You will be guided step-be-step on how to create a successful website where it can generate revenue for you. It takes time, and WA does have wonderful support everytime we need. The point is, nothing can perform bettar than WA.

  7. This is an excellent step by step to start your own Free website! Everything is so clearly stated that it doesnt seem overwhelming. I have just started a website also and I agree with your statement that it can be done easily with Wealthy Affiliate I tried out the free account and found that it was very helpful. Thanks for such an informative article for us beginners!

    • Hello Shelby,

      Wealthy Affiliate has given the opportunity for anybody to build a website from scratch and turn it into a successful online business. I can’t stress enough how important it is to start learning the skills provided by them. The owners themselves have over 26 years online marketing experience. There’s literally no other better places than WA.

  8. Thank you for this information! You have really made it all sound so simply and easy to get started (which it is!). Well done on sharing this great platform. Very helpful and useful to anyone needing to start out.
    I am a great fan of Wealthy Affiliate too and I am loving everything they have to offer.

    • Hello Lynne,

      Glad to know that you are a big fan of Wealthy Affiliate.

      This platform has helped many people to start building an online business with less headache. I personally never think that creating a free website was easy. But I was WRONG! It is actually simple and quick once you follow the step-by-step instructions 🙂

  9. What I like most about these free websites is that they are clean.

    What do I mean? Some years back I played around with a few free websites, but each one had to have their banner and adverts at the top and you could not change this. These websites are clean – they only have what you put their. No forced ads or banners or anything else that makes it look unprofessional.

    I couldn’t believe how simple it was when I set mine up. I always thought I would have to learn HTML to be able to build a decent website.

    • Hi Lesley,

      Glad to hear your past experience with unprofessional website. Unlike many of them, Wealthy Affiliate provides a clean service for us to build our own personal business. This is rare to find out there. I would consider this platform as my Top #1 Recommendation for those who are eager in having their first website built step-by-step and easy-to-understand process 🙂

  10. Hi there, I have just looked at your site and I am super impressed. If I wasn’t already a member I would certainly have been convinced that it is possible.
    It is set out in a logical order and shows progression very clearly.
    I am only in the beginning of this journey and have been inspired by your website.
    Well done.

  11. This is a really great step by step introduction to building a free website with Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate must be a great place to start an online business. You explain about getting a free website and domain hosting as well. Will I be able to get help figuring out what type of site I want and how I want it to look? Are all the lessons included free?

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