Learning how to choose the best affiliate program can define your path toward success. You do NOT want to promote a misleading program to your audiences. If they don’t like it, you will get yourself into trouble! So make sure your affiliate program has values in it.

There are few steps to follow in determining the best Affiliate Program to promote. In order to be successful in your business, you have to follow these steps. Other than that, you need to develop a strong relationship with your audiences and build your OWN brand!


4 Vital Steps on How to Choose The Best Affiliate Program:

I will try to make it as real as possible for you to understand the process of choosing the best affiliate program to promote. Basically, what we want is the program that many people are looking for and can be profitable. Down below are 4 vital steps you can successfully implement for the affiliate program which best suit you.

4 Vital Steps on How to Choose The Best Affiliate Program

1. Understanding Your Interest

Many people fail to create full-time income by promoting affiliate program. Do you know why? It is because they are doing it wrongly, NOT because solely on the program but themselves! If you want to promote an affiliate program, you have to know your interest first. What do you like to talk about? You can’t simply promote “weight loss program” if you know nothing about it. Just because it is so popular, then you blindly promoting it to your audience. It won’t work!

The obvious reason to your failure is that you are working on things that you don’t know about. Believe me..It will be difficult for you to communicate with your audience! As a result, you will do this business half-way and you will give up. Even though you persist, it is hard to keep moving forward.

So you must know your interest and enjoy talking about it. It is easy to find tons of program that have an affiliate program regarding to your interests. That’s the most important part! I don’t want to see you suffer later on by giving something that you don’t feel comfortable promoting it.


2. Search for the Affiliate Program

After you have made your mind to something you are comfortable to promote, the next step is to search for the affiliate program. Now, the easiest way to do this is by heading to our friend Google. Just type in “Your interest + Affiliate program”. Ex’s: Diet Food + Affiliate Program, Cooking + Affiliate Program, Skin Care + Affiliate program, Travelling + Affiliate program and so on.diet food + affiliate program - Google Search

Another places to find great affiliate product to promote is through Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction, ShareASale, LinkShare. These are the top 6 best places for Affiliate Programs.

Here I have some lists of popular programs that people buy from Clickbank. Again, it must suit your interest!

ClickBank _ A Global Internet Retailer

Don’t worry too much on what is the best product to promote, it is more to what is the best product you want to promote! (The product that you enjoy to discuss with your audience)


3. Learn How the System Works

You know your interest and you have found your best affiliate program. Great! Now it’s time to learn more about that product/program! Simply visit the site and start exploring its system and try to understand how it works as well. By doing this, you can promote easily to your audience about that particular program.

Some products have a great system that allow you to use it. For example a free website that you can leverage or e-mail marketing tool or keyword tool, anything that can be used to optimize your business and journey to pomote the program. With this, you can save tons of time to monetize the audiences :).


4. Analyze the Price compare to its Value

Seeing at the product price is important too. Mostly it will depend on the value as well. The bigger the value, the higher the price will get. However, most people prefer to buy things that is cheaper and they like to compare a lot! The best thing you want to do is finding HVLP(High Value with Low Price).

One thing last thing you want to do is searching for that product/program review. Is it a good product to promote or just a scammer product which has so many complaints all over the internet. When you promote this type of program, people might not want to buy it and the conversion rate will be very small. So make sure to check that product values.

After you have come to the conclusion of the product value and price. (And the first-three steps). That my friend, is your BEST AFFILIATE PROGRAM! 


I hope you get the idea of what is best to promote for affiliate program. Remember to follow your passion in doing any sort of things in life! Success will come to your way. So GOOD LUCK to you. Please share this if it helps, and let me know what do you think about it in the comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

Your friend,

Edy Chandra


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How to Choose The Best Affiliate Program — 4 Comments

  1. Hi! This is probably a stupid question, but I am trying to learn so I apologize in advance. Basically, I have to have my own website and then whatever affiliate program I join, I promote that so that the reader purchases the product and that is what generates the affiliate paying me, is that correct? i.e. I signed (currently working on) up to become an Amazon Affiliate, and I am at the part where it is asking for Domain and App names, so in my case/example I would create a website and use the Amazon “banners” and then if someone goes from my page using that banner to Amazon I get 10% or would I have to have a specific product on my site and then click the link/banner guiding them to that product?

    • That’s correct Donna.
      Our job is to provide information people needed, and promote related product if fits. You then can earn commissions and help your readers at the same time.

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