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How to Check Keyword Ranking on Google — 14 Comments

  1. Very good and informative article Edy. I am a Jaaxy user myself and can attest to the comments that you’ve made about it. I don’t think there is any better bang for the buck.

    • Hello Kevin,
      Jaaxy is a nice toolkit for online marketer. It easily identifies many aspects of keywords. What I love the most, is the Site Rank feature that works incredibly fast compare to others.

  2. I have used a few other Key word tools and I agree Jaxxy is great and easy to understand. Well done promoting it . Lots of people wi;; get great benefit from your invitation.

    • You are right Terry.
      It is convenient to use and the algorithms behind it is awesome. It is colorful as well 🙂
      This will save our time a lot in doing keyword research.

  3. Jaaxy is for sure the best…It’s amazing to hear how many people dont get into the keyword aspect of there site when writing a blog. Way to make more people aware, awesome take on keywords!

    • Absolutely Brian,
      Keyword is the base foundation to online success. Choosing the wrong ones can make you either money or no money at all. So, it is vital to pick the ones that easy to get ranked. This means Low competition keywords!

  4. Jaaxy is definitely a great tools for internet marketeers. Me I use it all the time to determine whether my choice of keywords are good before writing an article that contains the chosen keywords. Helps a lot.

    This is a very informative article and I hope everybody uses Jaaxy before writing their article. Thanks for this post Edy. Keep writing!


    • Yes Cathy. Keyword is the foundation for each article or post. There is no point of writing if your content doesn’t consist of targeted keyword. You will be the one that have the least chance to get ranked on search engine without proper keyword management.

  5. Hello Edy,

    This is a very impressive post on how to find a better keyword that will rank in Google. You did not only explain but you did presented a perfect keyword search tool that I have ever seen. Thanks man.

    • You’re welcome Nnamdi.
      Checking keyword is really an easy task when we get used to it. Many people overcomplicate things, but the reality it is that simple.
      Glad that my information is presented well for you.

  6. I’m going to start using this tool on my brand spanking new website. If you have any more SEO related content, let me know. I’m really struggle with ranking my website and you seem very knowledgeable on the topic, considering the fact that your website ranks well.

    • Hello Tomas,
      The tool is like a gun for a cowboy. It is definitely useful rather than using a knife. There are few of trainings within it which you can leverage on your online marketing campaign. Doing SEO is all about proper placement of keyword which is in your Post Title, Meta Description, at least once within your content. The rest would be time. If you want to know more, you can visit my page here on How to Improve SEO Ranking 🙂

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any help in the future.

      • I’ve read and accepted your comment on my blog, thank you for stopping by Edy. Also, I appreciate you for linking me to more SEO content. Hopefully it will help me with my brand new website I just created.

        • Sure Tomas,
          As long as your put some effort on your online business, it will pay off eventually 🙂
          Good Luck to you!

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