Learn How to Check Keyword Competition for your online marketing campaign here, and get ready to rank on Google. Many people don’t know the actual process to check real competitors under particular keyword, as the result, they have tough time to get ranking. This is not something profound. However, you will soon learn the steps to find the actual keyword competition below. So are you ready?

how to check keyword competition

2 Ways to Check Keyword Competition

There are two ways to check keyword competition which you should know. The first one is using Google itself (FREE) and the second way would be using a keyword tool (PAID). For the sake of clearance, I will be showing you both methods and then you can choose which of the one that suits you best. Okayy 🙂

Let’s talk about the free one first using Google itself. You probably didn’t know it, so I will show you using screenshot and my personal video tutorial as well.


Using Google as Keyword Competition Checker!

What you need to do is just following the 3 simple steps as given (or you can just watch the video below) :

Step 1: Come up with a keyword idea. This is very important before jumping into our keyword competition analysis. So make sure that you have your keyword ideas ready! I do have mentioned this on my other post which you can read “How to Do A Keyword Research“.

Step 2After you have several keyword ideas, then you can jump into Google.com where our analysis will take place. Once we are on Google search bar, you need to add (“) at the front and at the end of your keyword, then click search. Example like the images shown below:

keyword competition analysis


Check Real Keyword Competition


Step 3: Go to the bottom of the page, and click on the very last page (if any), and keep doing this until the very last page.

click on the very last page of google


Then you can check the results on top. That’s the real competition! Below is the exact competition of “Baby Toys Made in USA”. Currently there are 47 competing pages on Google search engine under that particular keyword or search term.

47 is the real keyword competition


Confused and need more examples? Don’t worry! I have created a video walkthrough. Check it out :

So, that’s basically it on how to check Keyword competition on Google. Please give it a try later alright. Now let’s go to the PAID method by using a keyword research tool.


Faster Keyword Competition Analysis!

Having a keyword research tool has its own benefit. The number one reason to consider a paid tool is TIME! Yes, it will save you a lot of time that you can’t get it back. 10 minutes of work could be done in just 1 minute when using a keyword tool.

There are tons of keyword tool out there, some are free and some not. Of course you get what you put into it. Free one will do NOTHING to your online business, and can be misleading as well. I am personally using a keyword tool called Jaaxy. You can click on it to read the review, but for the sake of this tutorial, I will show you HOW you can do it here.

Another reason for getting a keyword tool is the related ideas that can be easily explored. This will definitely open your eyes to the other search terms people might type onto Google search engines. See the images for Jaaxy keyword research :

paid keyword tool for competition analysis

This is just one keyword. You can see that it has expanded to many other related ones. Isn’t it powerful? Imagine you have 10 keyword ideas and put them into Jaaxy. You can effortlessly come up with 100 fresh keywords. Now do you get what I meant by saving TIME? Read My Jaaxy Review if you want to save your time that you will never get back!

Excellent! Anyway, just want to let you know the two different methods that you can use for your online business campaign. Either way you choose, it is all on your preference 🙂

Alright..That’s all I have for you on how to Check Keyword Competition. Please share this information if it helps, and comment below for your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!


Your friend,

Edy Chandra


How to Check Keyword Competition — 11 Comments

    • Hello Keye,
      Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool is a shorcut of Google competition analysis. Well, it is faster as well, but not as fast as Jaaxy 🙂

  1. Hello there Edy,
    Well, in my journey to online business, I see that Google search is one of the best search site on the web, but it is a search tool, not a research tool.

    Jaaxy is a powerful research tool that gives you a wide view and a full image of what’s going on exactly in search engines and what people are searching for. Actually this will help you a lot in your online business.

    I like your post, best of luck


    • Hello Anas,
      Using google is just for competitors checking. Of course we don’t know how many monthly searches are there for one particular keyword. That’s why a keyword tool comes in. Although Google has a free tool, but it’s not as handy as other paid keyword tools. As for me, preferably Jaaxy and it has helped me saved tons of time for my online business.

  2. Thanks for that. you explain the three steps well. I hadn’t tried this method before, but now that I know how to do it – I’ll be doing it more often.
    I’ve heard of the Jaaxy keyword tool before and while it does look like a great idea, I don’t want to add an extra outgoing payment to my overhead just yet.

    • Hi Eoinmc,
      Glad to know that you learn something new here. I actually know this way back to my high school where one of my IT teachers taught me to focus on a particular search term. Never thought that it can be handy now 😛

      As for Jaaxy, well you can upgrade when you want to save time, otherwise the free method is completely fine! For me, time is really expensive. For Jaaxy payment, I think it’s affordable. Again it is your choice. I will put this like a GUN vs KNIFE. When we use the GUN, it is more efficient to kill the enemy.

  3. The great thing about keyword research is that if you find a low competition keyword then it can be really easy to rank. I have ranked on the first page of Google for several keywords just because they were really low competition. I can see how Jaaxy makes the whole process a lot quicker and easier. Do you find it saves you a lot of time?

    • That’s right Marcus. If we know our competitiors and aim for less, we can easily get ranked under particular keywords. Overtime, this will grow and grow until you have hundreds of daily visitor (or even thosands). Powerful stuff!
      I personally think Jaaxy does its job. Beyond keyword research, there are many more feature within it that assists me to do my keyword analysis. I’m quite busy, so it is worth the investment 🙂

  4. Your information on keywords was really useful. As you said, it saves you a lot of time and is really helpful when trying to run a business online. Thanks for the information. I’ve saved your page to my favorites.

    • Thank you Kylie for stopping by 🙂
      Glad that you find it useful. I’m sure this will benefit any online business. If we choose a highly competitive keyword, it may take forever to tank for it. So, this is super important to know our competitiors number. Below 300 should be fine.

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