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How to Cancel WorldVentures Membership – My Short Story — 93 Comments

  1. Great article, and I totally understand your decision about quitting this type of “business”.
    I was involved into MLM business as well a few months ago, needed to do the same as you. Its not my type to annoy people to buy certain products or join the same scheme as I.

    Good decision, and even better that you found WA.
    Good luck buddy !

    • Hi Alexey,
      MLM or Direct Selling like the WorldVentures itself is a good opportunity. However, most people are not comfortable doing the work of approaching friends, families and even strangers. At the end of the day, only the ones who joined the game earlier and know what they were doing WIN. Those at the bottom can barely make a nice commissions from their hard work.

      Over the time I realize that it is NOT a good idea for newbies to sign up for any MLM companies. They will be just wasting money on trainings after training that subsides as time goes by. And sadly, some of those programs are not actionable. So don’t be surprise to see people fail eventually even if they have the right mindset.

      A true success will be achieved only if you have the right attitude, plus the right opportunity as well. I suggest you to follow your passion, and STOP chasing something that looks good in the beginning but not for the long term. That’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate where the owners show exactly what your true passion is about, then build a sustainable business around it! 🙂

      • Any Opportunity requires training. If you get a JOB at Taco Bell you have to go through training… MLM is very supportive to offer training for someone to become an Entrepreneur. If you start a TRADITIONAL BUSINESS there is NO TRAINING… People crap on MLM because they are NOT willing to LEARN and APPLY. MLM is a great start for someone who wants to be coached on how to be successful as an Entrepreneur.

        There is no such thing as the guys on top make all the money…. Yea they got started earlier but do you have any idea the struggles they went through that most had quit in the beginning because of the growing pains of a New Company? The websites dont always work, the back office is glitchy, the service/products are not up to flawless standards….etc…. I say all of this from having over 13yrs of experience in MLM. I have made it in the industry successfully with no hand outs just pure willingness to learn, apply and not give up.

        Online Marketing you still have to learn a lot and APPLY what you LEARN. Online Marketing is tough as well…. Setting up sales funnels, auto-responders, learning the marketing….etc… It all requires LEARNING and APPLYING what you learn. Those who don’t do this Quit and FAIL.

        I’m not with World Ventures but the benefit of there service to market is that you CAN market it ONLINE and build a team in all of its countries because the video presentation delivers the information and you DO NOT have to physically be in front of your prospects. You to can set up Sales Funnels, Auto-Responders and etc…. Just like you would for ANY online products. People don’t need to sample, try for results or inspect ingredients like other MLM Companies. Thats what makes World Ventures COOL! Easy delivery….Build Global in its approved countries… You can get your MEMBERSHIP FREE!

        GO TO TRAININGS AND APPLY WHA YOU LEARN AND YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL…. It takes laser focus if you want to be successful in anything…. Put your blinders on and go to work…Simple!

  2. Hi Edy,I reád your intelligent article about the worldbenture business. I am planning to cancel my membership after 8 month because of the reasons you mentioned. My question is : Will I lose the whole money I invested monthly or will it be transferred back to my account? I wish you all the best in your new business! Erika from Hungary

    • Hi Erika,

      Yes, you will lose the whole money invested monthly. Your account would be removed completely, so everything inside cannot be retrieved anymore. I hope you make an adequate decision. But don’t worry, cancelling the membership will only make you feel better. That’s what happen to me now!:)

      • I applied for cancellation since October 7th 2016 but and I was informed that my refund of has been successfully processed on 10/11/2016 and I was requested to send a copy of my bank statement so that WV may have this further looked into if I have not received the refunds.

        I sent the bank statement as requested but since then I have not received the response.
        Whenever I inquire, I get the message which says that “Kindly look into the matter so that the case can be brought to a close” but the issue is not addressed up to now. Kindly advise me the next step I can take and send the advise to

        All my best,


  3. please cancel my membership unfortunately due to my circumstances,other obligations I won’t be able to continue my membership.please stop charging my account.MY ID 67059033 , MY ASSOCIATE email is paradisetrip

    • Hi Herman,
      It is best to simply email them. I am sure they will cancel your membership within 3 working days. Hope it helps. 🙂

      • Hi Edy! Thank you! I think your article is so informative. However, my dilemma is that I’m afraid that my friend, who recruited me to this business, will find out. Is there a way that I could it keep it from her? I really don’t want her to know that I’m quitting. Thanks again.

        • Hi Victor, I have replied to your email regarding this question. And remember, you are the one who is responsible for everything. Don’t just waste time and money bcs you’re too afraid to tell your friend. 🙂

          • Hi Edy
            I really thank you, for your advice.
            Thanks to you i can cancelled my registration and.. i’m feel better 🙂
            THANK YOU

  4. i am here to let you know that i wish cancel my Dream Trips, World Ventures account.
    ACCT: 68241915
    I have already gotten with my credit card company and they have opened a case to me with a dispute.

      • Hi Sheryl, i would like to know if you managed to get the refund because you cancelled within 14 days of signing up? Mine has passed a year. I hope they will refund.

  5. Why is everyone sending their information here???
    Send it to email like he first said in the INSTRUCTIONS!
    Wow lol

  6. Hello Edy ,Do you know is real that in 14 days if I cancel my account they refund my money , because I have just 8 days open my membership on them . Thanks

    • Hi Victor,

      It depends on the Country. Some would allow you to do so, some would not.

      So make sure to check this with your upline (the one who invited you).

      Hope it helps..


  7. Thanks for your template..
    it is annoying to keep seeing the ROVIA sent an email said that:
    your transaction was decline.

    As you mention, it is feel no good in start I decided to quit, but when i send the quit email to WV, I feel even better now…

    Thanks for your advise!

  8. Hello Edy

    I would to cansel my diamond membership after 14 days , there is no money refund
    What shall i do
    Is there anyway change my membership to gold
    Thank you

  9. Hi Edy, I have email them to cancel my WV however there is no feed back from them. It already passed 3 days. I also resend it yesterday and no feed bback yet. What should I do? Any suggestion? I have email to at the moment i just can block my credit card so they cant charge it.

  10. Hi Edy WV is not working out for me either, I hate chasing and begging people . How is your venture with online marketing working it for you.

    • Hi Nirvana,

      Yes direct selling can be challenging.
      #1. You need to go out there and chase people on the street or events.
      #2. It can be costly sometime if we factor in Transportations, also often we need to treat the prospects as well.

      With Online Marketing. You simply set up content like Blog posts or Youtube Videos, and people FIND you instead of you finding them. I simply love the switch. 🙂

  11. hi Edy in my case i joined Nov 2016, and emailed today for cancelation which is 3months ago does that mean in that case i cannot at all receive a refund

    • Hi Pindile,

      No you can’t. I think it only applies for 7 days after you first joined or at most 14 days.

      3 months are way too long. I believe there won’t be any refund.

  12. Tq for your information
    I canceled before 14days
    And they refund my money

    Saya mengatakan dreamtrips/worldventures bukan tidak baik, tapi seandainya anda merasa tidak cocok dengan program ini anda bisa segera mencancel sebelum 14 hari. Dan saya berhasil melakukan uang saya dikembalikan setelah 7hr.
    Saya berterima kasih dengan pihak worldventures yang sangat fair, krn pd saat saya diprospek teman, saya tidak terpikir dan tdk pernah dijelaskan bagaimana cara menghentikan jika tdk cocok. Tapi untunglah saya menemukan caranya dan uang bisa kembali

  13. I just sign up yesterday. But after a night I feel regret. And now I just send an email to them. Hopefully they reply me. By the mean time I’ve blocked my credit card.

  14. I would like to cancel both my dream trip standard I.d.#67553010 and my representative business system #67589922. The reason for my cancellation is because right now at this very moment I have other payment expenses that must take top priority over my membership payment with world ventures. I appreciate your interest in my partake with your business. When possible I’d like to continue my membership with you again. Thank you for your interest in my being a part of your business.

  15. hallo I forgot my I’d n password n I would like to cancel my account what should I do?

  16. Great opportunity and a great stepping stone to start a business of my own just as big without the hard labour of annoying people. Lol
    – 2-5 years to be succesful with WV , I said hmmm 1-3 years with just as much effort can start an online business. See Ya!

  17. I’m from Brazil. It has arrived here in São Paulo too. I got into this business, too many lies were told to me and my friends. I’m going out too!

    The product is horrible and selling this to my friends and family was my biggest mistake. Get out!

  18. It been one month since I have been a member with WV.I just sent Termination/Cancellation of my membership
    Is there any refund?

    • Hi Theresia,
      Yes we lost our initial investment. Not sure if you can get a refund. Some countries do have 14 days cool off period. Which means you can get your money back within 14 days of registration.
      Hope this helps.


  19. I wouid like to cancel my dream tips and world adventures membership.I do not afford to pay 700rand.

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