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How to Buy a Web Name – Step by Step Guide — 4 Comments

  1. Another great article Edy about buying a domain name because any business before even a website, starts with a domain name and you are giving here very good recommendations. It’s a good idea to look for a SEO friendly domain which can give some little boost in rankings. As for Godaddy, it’s a good option and I support you in this, but as you mentioned it exactly, they have many upsells and it’s really a bit annoying. As for namecheap, it’s a good option too and many people prefer namecheap over godaddy. I think many people will benefit from your article and keep up a great job.

    • Thanks Rufat. I really want to help others building a website easily. It is not that hard. Many people think that buying a domain name to actually create a website will be difficult. The fact that it’s NOT! I hope that they can get lots of ideas through my recommendations and buy their own web name 🙂

  2. Hi Edy,
    I like the overall look of your page. You’re much further along than I am. It’s user friendly. Where did you get your photos and graphics? Did you have to pay for them?

    • Hi Mike, I hope you are well 🙂
      I get them from Google images, it is free..
      You can drop me a message if you need further help.

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