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How to Become an Internet Entrepreneur — 4 Comments

    • Thanks Jill, I am glad that you can pick up something new here 🙂
      It is great to take a break as it gives our brain to rest and relax. The more we relax, the more fresh idea will pop-up. But too relax is not good either. Just have it when you finished certain tasks. Rewarding ourselves is perhaps the smart way to keep moving forward with our online business!

  1. Hi Edy, thank you for the great information on how to become an internet entrepreneur. For me Key number 4 is the most important. Even though, as you rightly say, this will take several months to build, without help and support its going to take even longer and the results will not be as good.

    • You’re welcome Ian,
      I agree that it is almost impossible to succeed within internet world without a great support or community.
      All the 5 keys are essential for internet entrepreneur. Miss out one of them can hurt your online business.
      Hope that you can get great support for your own business and build a solid skyscrapper in the end with lots of profit 🙂

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