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how to become internet entrepreneurThere are few things required on How to Become an Internet Entrepreneur and successful as a result. Most people don’t have what it takes to be a successful internet entrepreneur, simply because they are lacked of 5 keys that can unlock success itself. Here I’m going to share all the 5 golden keys based on my opinion after reading books and learning from those who are successful in online industries.

The FIVE-Keys to Become a Successful Internet Entrepreneur

Being an internet entrepreneur is not different from traditional entrepreneur, we need the right mindset and planning in place. Without these two, our journey can deviate anytime! So learn how to have them in YOU will help creating your path to success in any sector of life. We will specifically talk about online entrepreneur and it’s 5 golden keys below :
5 keys to success as an internet entrepreneur

Key Number One : Having the Right Mindset

In order to be successful online, having the right mindset is really crucial. You cannot expect things to come your way smoothly. There will always be challenges that block you along the path. As an entrepreneur, we have to solve it instead of avoid it. Another thing that is important to remember, doing any business takes time to grow! There are high chances you will not get any result in a month or two. In mose cases, it will take up to 6 months to see real results (more visitors, sales, or even personal growth).

DO NOT chase the money. That’s not how a successful internet entrepreneur see their business. It is more to the system improvements (Customer service and Products value). Believe me! If you focus on those two, cashflow will come abundance to your bank account. Your business is not a business without customers.


Key Number Two : Plan Things Far Ahead

Some people call this as setting your goal. I prefer it to be a plan, and I love planning things out! One thing an Internet Entrepreneur need to keep in mind is planning their future business. One example that is obvious: How many month can you survive with the current expenses?. I will do my own plan. I’m a college student and can save-up to $100/month by buying cheaper food every day. Now, my intention is to find online marketing education that helps growing my online business. I found several platforms out there that teach what I want. After tons of research, I come out with a net $47 monthly subscription for trainings, $19/mo for tools, and $10/year for domain name. Total is $66/mo and $10/year. GREAT!

Now, here where the seperation between an entrepreneur mindset differs from employee mindset. Employees would normally ask themselves: “How fast can I make money and how much”. Whereas as entrepreneurs would ask themselves: “How can I set everything up and running and profit from it”. Did you see the difference? A real entrepreneur worries about the system first, then the money comes second. I personally think as an employee when I get started, and then shift to entrepreneurs mindset as I move further :).


Key Number Three : Time Management

Time is one of the important aspects in online business. How much time can you commit every day? One, two or three hours? For me at least 3 hours. Here a little secret: you will never have more time to online business. You need to sacrifice something! I don’t care what you want to sacrifice in 24-hours. Your spare time, family time, chit-chat time, eat time, or even sleep time. YOU have to eliminate one of them to your business!

the right support

Key Number Four : The Right Platform & Support

With the first-three keys in hand, we are ready to go internally. Okay COOL…now key number 4 is outside factors that can greatly boost our internet entrepreneurship to grow exponentially. As we have decided our path to do online business, we have to find excellent online platform that comfort us! There is no point staying if we don’t suit the place for future learning. Also, the support or community within that platform will greatly assist us going through obstacles ahead. I personally joined Wealthy Affiliate Platform because of it’s best trainings and support systems.

Choosing wrong place to build our business can be risky. Imagine you’re building a skyscrapper on a mud. It is hard to build and will collapse eventually. So, it is really important for you to find legitimate online learning platform!


Key Number Five : Don’t Care, Take A Break!

don't care, take a breakThis last key is awesome. I’m sure you will love it :). Finally! In the end of every effort has to be rewards. Don’t stretch yourself too thin. Get some fresh air after things are done. Go do something you like. Anything! Some people get themselves glued to the business, this is a wrong way to treat it. Sometimes we can’t think straight if we are too tired. And here where taking a break can be useful. You are more likely get new fresh idea during your break. I’m sure you have experienced it before too. So, remember to reward yourself!


My Bonus Key : Get Motivated

We are all human being with unique emotions. In some ocasions, we want to give up badly and just quit doing what we are doing. For normal people, the only way to get over it, is TIME. However, as an entrepreneur, I suggest you to watch a motivational video on Youtube. Just type in motivational video. That’s what motivates me when I want to quit.


Let’s Recap ALL Keys for Internet Entrepreneur

Becoming an Internet Entrepreneur requires 1). Setting the right mindset to see what is needed to be done in the long run. 2). Plan for things so that you know what to expect especially for financial cost. 3). Commit your time hourly in a day to the online business. 4). Discover the right online platform and support that help growing your knowledge and business. 5). Taking a break and reward your daily task!

That’s all for my insight about internet entrepreneur. I hope that you can become a successful person in the future internally and externally. Please share this information if you find it awesome, and don’t forget to comment below. I’d be more than happy to connect with you 🙂


Your friend,

Edy Chandra



How to Become an Internet Entrepreneur — 4 Comments

    • Thanks Jill, I am glad that you can pick up something new here 🙂
      It is great to take a break as it gives our brain to rest and relax. The more we relax, the more fresh idea will pop-up. But too relax is not good either. Just have it when you finished certain tasks. Rewarding ourselves is perhaps the smart way to keep moving forward with our online business!

  1. Hi Edy, thank you for the great information on how to become an internet entrepreneur. For me Key number 4 is the most important. Even though, as you rightly say, this will take several months to build, without help and support its going to take even longer and the results will not be as good.

    • You’re welcome Ian,
      I agree that it is almost impossible to succeed within internet world without a great support or community.
      All the 5 keys are essential for internet entrepreneur. Miss out one of them can hurt your online business.
      Hope that you can get great support for your own business and build a solid skyscrapper in the end with lots of profit 🙂

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