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How to be Smart in Daily Life and Be A Successful Person — 14 Comments

  1. Good read, I dedicate myself to listening productivity and finance related audio-books during daily transits. It helps me to orientate my mindset and always keeps me positive. I’m curious which book was so powerful that it changed your world? Was it Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki? It was one of my first personal finance books and one of my favorites too.

    • Hi Edward,

      It is good to hear that you often listen to productivity and finance related audio-books. Those things can really help you having a positive mindset. Our surroundings are usually filled with negative folks, so keeping ourselves inspired is an excellent habit.

      As for the book you asked, I would say Cash Flow Quadrant. This is actually the first financial stuff that I read and I was able to finish it within 5 days. The content was so mind-opening. I didn’t know how the game works. But when I do, I start jumping into business world and seek for financial freedom. 🙂

  2. Really interesting article ( and I love the guy with the banana image! ). I agree with you that the quickest way to learn is to in fact make mistakes – this is key to making you sit up and take more attention of what you are learning. Some great tips here – will be reading this again and bookmarking it 🙂

    • Hello Chris,

      I am glad you find my article is interesting. You can definitely have a shooting session with the banana guy. 🙂 That’s true that when we make mistakes, we are going to learn much faster. It shifted our brain about the fault we did. Thus we will be tweaking things naturally. Learn, apply, improve and the result will happen! There is no way you can be successful before experiencing some failures. If you are serious about something, just go for it! When the time comes, you already know what to do next.

  3. Edy thank you for a great article. I love your tips. The quote from Thomas Edison is great. This is how we should think in our life, and not feeling guilty if we have made some mistake. In NLP we call that reframing :-).
    You pointed out very well that we should record our improvements. I will definitely try that. Thank you for your advice. Do you write down some small successes too or just the big ones?

    • You’re most welcome Tamara!

      It is indeed good to have positive thinking. Although we fail many times, it would be still a learning experience. Don’t give up easily because as our goal gets closers every single day.

      I see some people quite too soon. That is unfortunate. If only they can see the success ahead, I am sure they will never leave their course.

      As for writing down successes. I usually do it in a monthly basis or every two months. And during those months, I make sure that myself focused on only important things. Just go ahead learn from successful people, and implement what they teach. It is almost guarantee that you WILL succeed too! 🙂

  4. Hi Edy,

    Thanks for this post – I’d definitely agree that people don’t necessarily have to be very brainy to be successful, in fact, often being very intelligent gets in the way because a super intelligent person can easily over-analyze things, instead of just taking action.

    Those who take action often fail, but as you said, as long as you learn from past mistakes, failure can only make you stronger.

    Good role models can be hard to come by, who are your top role models?


    • Yes indeed Sean!

      It is more important to take action than to over-analyze something. I personally used to do research on opportunity that I was about to jump into. Unfortunately, it took me too long that the reward got taken by somebody else.

      My top models are Robert Kiyosaki and Bob Proctor. These two gentlemen have taught me valuable information about wealth. They do encourage you to keep taking action until you hit breakthrough. That’s how most successful people think.

  5. Wow this is a very in depth overview and I especially love the Edison quote, and it’s a very healthy perspective on failure.

    I think most people fear failure, but if we look at failure differently as part of the creative process then we can use failure to not only figure out what won’t work but also allows more room for experimentation and creativity.

    When it comes to starting an online business, we need to keep this in mind and not beat ourselves up if our sites aren’t performing to expectations.

  6. Hi there Edy,

    This is a great post to read for the start of 2016. Often times, people think that success is a far away land that’s impossible to reach unless you are lucky or talented.

    But the simple daily routine that you have just mentioned is nothing extraordinary – anyone can do it at anytime. It’s just the matter of getting things done, one step at a time.

    I made a lot of mistakes in my only business in 2015 but I would like to think that they will serve a good purpose as I continue my effort into 2016. I have also started to listen to podcasts relating to my niche (it’s faster than reading) and it’s been pretty motivating so far.

    Thanks for sharing this great read Edy.

  7. Great! I try to do all these things, but I should be reading more. It feels like there is never enough time by the end of the day to get some reading time in. I also need book suggestions. I like reading motivating material and success books. Those make me feel happy and focused on my future. Any ideas?

  8. What I really understood from your post that any “mistake” at least how we classify it, is not actually a mistake – it is a way that didn’t work. I love Thomas Edison quote here.

    I think sometimes finding like-minded people can be the hardest part. At least I experienced this myself. But if you continue looking for the information you are interested it, eventually you will find them.

  9. Hi Eddy,

    I really love this post and I agree totally about the reading the books part as well as learning from your mistakes. Also having a good mentor/someone to look up to or guide you is really important.

    Keep up the great posts!

  10. Well it an interesting article one of the things I have learned is that surround your self with the people that brings value to your life also let not make mistakes difine us but let make mistakes teach us something.

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