There are certainly many ways on How to Attract more Customer for a Business and get the best result you want on your business. However, some of them are not that good to gain optimized exposure to the business. Some are really amazing and worth to spend our time on!

How to Attract more Customers for a Business

How to Attract more Customers

Every business needs customers to keep the system running and making money to supplement more excellent service. If you like me, you cannot see your business dropping caused by lack of customers. This is monetarily painful..we need CASHFLOW!

Before jumping into some different ways to attract more customers, we should examine few things beforehand and try to track what’s needed to be done such as the factors that lead to gaining or losing more customers.

The factors that we should consider when it comes to attract more customers are divided into two: internal factor and external factor. In order to fully enhance the attraction as much as possible, looking closely of the two factors are critical.


Internal Factors to Get More Customers

What causes your customers to deteriorate? What makes it grow? The smart way to know this, is by looking at the internal factors of your business. Things like Product and Customer Service play important role here.


Few questions you need to ask yourself about Product:

  • How to Attract more Customers for a Business productIs the product targeting the customers need?
  • Is the product information delivery good?
  • Is the product produce desired result to the customers?
  • Will this product be used again if the customers are satisfied with it?
  • Is the pricing affordable for most of your audience’ background?
  • What are the feedback so far from the customers?
  • Is there any improvement required from their feedback?

All of those questions should be asked by youself and you need to work on them. Although it doesn’t have to be perfect, but try the best you can is the main purpose here.

Asking for customer feedback is one of the most important way to know whether you product is valuable in their eyes! What do you think of those big and successful companies do? They Always ask for Customer FEEDBACK!

Whether you are an online of offline business, you must discover your own technique to insert feedback form in your product.


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Customer Service

Customers service for a BusinessHaving some wonderful services to your customers can leave a good impression in their mind. Little that you know, here what they will most likely to say if you give great customer services:

“Hey! This product has an excellent service. The owner does prioritize the customers. I’d love to share this to my friends and family.”

People Love Sharing Friendly Stuff!

There you can see that this will potentially lead to more customers. One is sharing to another about how great your customer service is. Although some of their friends or family are not interested in your product, chances are.. they might get interested right?

Just think about it. Do you think that your product/service can be used by anybody?

Absolutely Yes!

So be sure to double-check your internal factor –Product and Customer Service-.


External Factor to more Customers

After considering internal factor for getting more customers in your business, let’s talk about the external factor here!

What are the best ways that you can do to expand your business existence and get more customers?

The quick answer for this is by promoting it Online! Welcome to the twentieth century.. Where technology is now extremely vital to your business and your financial freedom.

With the power of internet, you can target your audience globally. You can also choose to reach out your potential customers from which country and what city.The choice is really yours!

how to attract more customers using seo servicesNowadays, local businesses are using the help from SEO companies to gain exposure into search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing by optimizing the website rank. The higher it is to the top, the more visitors come into your site and percentage of them will convert into buying customers.

There are also few other ways on How to promote a product online in my previous article where you can use SoloAds, Social Media Advertising, Google Adwords, PPC, Blogging and Video ads. These are most used methods by online marketer today. (All of them require writing techniques).


The Conclusion to Your Business

In order to get maximum result of getting more customers, you should know the internal and external factors of your business components. What do you have now and what are you lacking of?

Be humble and keep learning different way to build your business and customers will eventually lead to more success in the future!

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That’s all on how to attract more customers for a business. Hope that after reading my content, your customers will grow as well as your business. So, Good luck!

Feel free to share this information, and leave your comment below for whatever thoughts you have :). I’d love to connect with you!

Your friend,

Edy Chandra



How to Attract more Customers for a Business — 8 Comments

    • Hello Samantha,
      I’m glad to hear that you find the content is very helpful 🙂
      Learning how to attract more customers for a business will greatly assist your success moving forward!

  1. Thanks for clearing that up! Customer service is so vital to the health of a business. Many websites are beginning to become less personable and suffer as a result. You want to feel like you connect to the company in some way before you support them. I will definitely be back to learn more techniques.

    • You’re welcome Matt!
      I agree with you that we have to get more personal to our customers. If can, treat them like they were our family!
      Perhaps the most effective method to get more customers for a business. Connect one to another and build customers network around your product/service will lead to much success.

      Feel free to come back and find more tips to succeed online 🙂


  2. I found the content to be excellent, and very well expressed and set out. the information regarding the products and service in a business is excellent, I hope this will help many people in the future.

  3. What are the best ways that you can do to expand your business existence and get more customers?

    The quick answer for this is by promoting it Online! Welcome to the twentieth century.. Where technology is now extremely vital to your business and your financial freedom.

    Wow! This statement of yours was very helpful. 🙂 I hope to promote my services in such a way that will benefit those coming to my website. 🙂

    Thanks Edy.


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