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Do you know what is the easiest product to sell online? Find out the answer within my post here. I am going to show you an overview on growing a passionate business by promoting a simple product or service based on 4 criteria. So please bear with me until the end.

easiest product to sell online

The Product Criteria

To be honest. There is NO easy product to sell. Everything depends on your personality and ability to market one. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s the truth my friend. The best way is to pick the one you are good at.


There are certain criteria for a product that is easy to be sold. If you are just starting out as an Internet Marketer, then you would love these. Now here are the product’s criterias you need to find:

  • The owner take care of customer support
  • You are given access to their material which can be used for promotion
  • You are given Email Swipes (if any)
  • Free & ethical bribe in exchange of the potential buyer phone number or email address


I will give more explanation on each aspect below.


Ease of Customer Support

customer support on easiest product to sell onlineWhen we are talking about customer support. It can be a big headache dealing with many different people at once questioning your product, the warranty, the function, and so on.

To save time, big company like Amazon have a team handling every question that their buyers have. Thus you just need to advertise their stuff.

But don’t get me wrong. You as an affiliate, still have to explain to the prospects about the product  or service you are promoting. If the visitors are not informed and comfortable, they will not buy through you, and that means no commissions!


Access to the Material

Some Affiliate programs allow their associates to use the material within the platform. These include images, table, chart, graph, and etc. Life would be easier if you can show related graphics that entice the customers instead of looking from other sources.

Let’s take this Safety Glasses as an example:

amazon glasses image to sell online

And some programs don’t allow you to use the actual image because of copyright issue. But since you are promoting it, then you have access to every single material related to the product.


Email Swipes

Most of the time, you have pre-made email swipes to broadcast within your email subscribers. This particular aspect only apply for those who have already built their list or want to advertise through Solo Ads.

Basically, you are given an email laying out the product that you are selling. So you just simply copy & paste the text, and click the button send. People who read the message might probably be interested on the promotion, thus they buy.


Free & Ethical Bribe

free and ethical bribeThis is just a fancy name of free stuff given in exchange of your prospects’ contact information.

You might have seen this regularly when you visit a website, they usually have an ebook given away. To get the ebook, you then need to submit your email address. And that’s called a bribe, of course an ethical one.

Now if you are promoting a product out there, make sure to get this one done for you. It makes the process much more convenient instead of you writing 10 pages of an ebook in order to get the potential customer attention.


Wrap Up

Those four criteria are what I believe can help you start of Internet Marketing journey. They rarely meet together, but the first one (customer support) is the biggest challenge most Affiliates face. Escaping it is already time saving which you can use to get more eyeballs on the offer.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my post here regarding easiest product to sell online. Please share the information or comment below for your thoughts. I would love to hear from you! 🙂



Your friend,

Edy Chandra


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