Learn how to Earn Extra Income while Working Full Time. This can be done at home using only your PC and internet access. Those two are all you need to make decent to full time income. Now if you want to know the process of creating wealth online, then bare with me as I will show you How it Works below.

Earn par time income while working full time


The Online Business Process

In this topic, I will be discussing how you can earn while you learn about Online Marketing. Why this one? It is because more and more people are buying stuff online. If you don’t leverage this opportunity, you leaving money on the table!

Many ordinary folks are tired of their current situation and planning to escape their dead-end jobs. Inflation is growing each year all over the world. There is no where you can run except finding extra income.

Now, the best part of online marketing is that you can work part time of minimum 2 hours per day. Not a bad trade for your bright future huh? Most people think that it’s going to be tough. Trust me, it is NOT as long as you reside in the right place. I will recommend you my Top #1 Recommendation later!


Here How it Works

In Today’s most effective type of online marketing is Content Marketing. This means that you give value to your readers through an article or blogpost. The mistake people made was they think they need to be expert in english or a former writer. NO! In fact, English is my third language and I hate writing.

The Secret: You need to communicate as you write, it’s like talking to your buddy 1-on-1. Can you do that? YES of Course! So be sure to write something you love about. It can be your hobby or interest, doesn’t matter. You should be comfortable talking to your buddy regarding that particular topic.

How can you make money by that? Once you enjoy writing about your passion, the rest is just a matter of learning. It won’t take long as your college degree, in fact 10x faster, easier and cheaper!

4 Steps to Make $$ Online

steps to make money online for teens

STEP 1 : Know your passion. You can talk about gaming, relationship, motivation, health, money. It can be anything!

STEP 2 : Build a website is easy. You can learn this by watching a step-by-step video tutorial. (It is included in my Top #1 Recommendation Platform)

STEP 3 : Get Ranking on Top 3 search engines in the world and be exposed to over 3 billions oline users! Do you think at least 1% of them have the same interest as yours?

STEP 4 : You have the opportunity to promote your/other people product and service. This can lead to a big passive income. Perhaps you are able to fire your boss in the next 1 or 2 year. I’m NOT joking!


Your Plan of Online Success

This is very important. Without a plan, you can either give up halfway or get distracted by other fake programs. Most of people who failed, it is because they are lacking of proper plan in place. So please setup your goals. You should have a motivation and make it as your one BIG goal, then break it into smaller goals. I will give you an example here:

My BIG goal is to escape working for someone in the next 3 years. Now here are the smaller goals:

  • how bad do you want it for freedomLearn how to make money online
  • Build my online business campaign for a year and let it grows
  • Make a part-time income in the first year
  • Go full-time in the second year
  • Then I’m DONE!


Easy concept, but there will be obstacles for sure 🙂

If you are currently in the full time job, you can spare your free time online. Remember, it takes 2-3 hours per day. BUT, don’t expect quick result. That’s the problem of an employee mindset. You need to think like an Entrepreneur when it comes to business alright. You might not see income in the first few months, but it will pay off! A lot!


Stick and It will Pay Off

You should stick to your plan. Don’t get distracted. I remember when I first starting out, there are many shiny objects all across the web that promise me “get rich quick”. Well it doesn’t exist! Until this time, those things are still annoying. What do I do? I get another email account specifically for scam products and review them to help other innocent people.

So be aware of the temptation and try to focus on your online business. Believe me, if you stick with it, you are on your way to freedom. If let say you already go full time as an online marketer, you can travel anywhere you want since your job requires a laptop and internet connection. Awesome isn’t it?

the pros of online marketing

My Recommendation

Here we go. I have tasted so many online marketing platforms out there, and come up with the Top #1 for you. While most program out there are unethical to make money online, my recommendation program teaches you the proper approach to build a long term successful online business.

You don’t have to worry if the training doesn’t suit you because it is FREE to taste. No obligation, no credit card required. The best part of it? There is 24/7 Live Chat where you can have support from the community and the owners. YES! The owners are active to help their members, which you can’t find this anywhere else but here.

Before giving you the full review of My Top #1 Recommendation platform to learn about online marketing. Please do me a favor by sharing this information if it helps you to quickly overview on earning extra income while working full time, and comment below for your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you 🙂


Your friend,

Edy Chandra


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Earn Extra Income While Working Full-Time — 8 Comments

  1. Edy,
    Great information. I started part time while working a full time job to earn extra income. I am at a point now that I am looking this summer to sometime just quit the full time job and do this on the side for a full time income. It does take a couple of years to develop a full time income if you are working another full time job.

    • Hi John,
      That’s a great idea! Building an online business may take some time, but it will pay off. Once you have a steady full time passive income, you should definitely fire your boss and live life as an online marketer. You can do your work anywhere, anytime you want 🙂

  2. You are so right about sticking with it. I have been at this online business thing for almost a year and I am just now starting to make consistent sales. It is so exciting when you get to that point!

    • Sure it is Andrea!
      Everything starts from zero. Slowly we all will climb to the point of victory. As long long as we focus toward our goals and stick to them, success is inevitable. Anyway, congratulations to your consistent sales. I believe it will grow faster once you know your business is working.


  3. Hello edy,

    I love the last part of your post,’stick to it, and it will pay off’. You are right, most often we distracted by ‘shiny objects’ that are nothing but scams. But that is, because of our impatient and greed. If we stick to building our Online Business with legitimate program like Wealthy Affiliate, we will eventually succeed.

    • Yes Nnamdi,
      Most people who failed in the online journey is because of shiny object syndrome. This thing will absolutely distract newbies and spread themselves so thin. As the result, they will give up eventually. They are overwhelmed, exhausted, and maybe lost unimaginable money to a fake program.

  4. Hello Edy!
    Just this morning I ran into your great site through Google and you seem to be like a serious guy who knows what he is talking about. My question to you is regarding the content: If I build a site through WA should I come prepared with a topic? When you say value, does it mean I have to teach others some self-improvement in a chosen niche? I am seriously interested to know since I want to make sure what it requires of me to make prior to signing up.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Idan!
      it is better to have your topic ready. No, it doesn’t necessarily mean self-improvement. You can choose something that you have passion about, something that you can relate in your past experience. This is then will help you attract audience, and you may promote things at the bottom. Let’s say you love and deal with Dog daily. You then can share your story, or write product review about Dog’s food. Sure there are millions of people around the world that would read your stuff which will lead to buying things as you recommended them to do.

      Just assume you are talking everyday 1-on-1 with a buddy regarding your interest. That’s it! Let me know if you want to know more 🙂


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