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Learn how to earn commissions by selling other people products online. In this post, I am going to show you why this business model can be very good especially when you are just starting out. Making money on the internet is actually much simpler than you think! So please bear with me as I will explain more below.

Earn Commissions Selling Products Online

Why Earning Commissions?

Talking about earning commissions online, it is always related to Affiliate Marketing (the cool name of it). An Affiliate works as someone who refer potential buyers into a specific product. When the prospects buy, then the affiliate gets revenue share a.k.a commissions.

This model is used for newbies when they get started in Online Marketing world. There are several reasons for it, such as:

  • NO need to spend months of creating your own product
  • NO headache dealing with customer support
  • Most of the time, you don’t have to pay a dime being an Affiliate, it is FREE.
  • You are not famous? No problem. Simply promote a branded company’s products. Believe me, your credibility will shoot up like a rocket.
  • And your only job is to get referrals!


Affiliate Marketing should be the easiest form of making passive income on the internet. It is painless because of the reasons stated above. That’s why you need to get started as soon as possible.


3 Steps to Get Started

Alright..There are 3 simple steps to kick-start selling other people products online and earn commissions. Before we begin, it is important to keep in mind that there are many different methods to generate passive income through Affiliate Marketing. I will only teach what I do. So here are the steps:

Step #1: Choose the Product to Sell

Finding a product can be challenging if you do not know how. My suggestion is, look for the one that you are familiar with. Let’s say you know about losing weight because you had experienced it before. Then, the product you choose, must be related to it.

Doing a simple search should give you many products to promote. Below are the top 3 Affiliate Networks you can join. They consist of wide range of services, and they are free of charge!

find a product to promote in my website affiliate networks

Top 3 Affiliate Network

There are many more apart from the three of them. You can go to Google and type in “top Affiliate Network” to see the rest.

Anyway, you should start creating an associate account with them, and see what kind of product you can sell. All we want is the affiliate link. This is where the potential buyers will go, then make a purchase which leads to you making commissions out of it.


Step #2: Build An Online Store

Once you have the idea on what to promote online, it is time to build an online store(website). Don’t freak out because this will not be difficult to do. If you follow a tutorial video on how to set it up, at most it would take 30 minutes.

Why do we need a website? The reason has to do with “pre-selling” meaning that you give information about the product which tells why should your potential customers buy it. You don’t want to send people right to the company’s site because they are not convinced yet. So having a website gives you the chance to pre-sell the item to them!

You can also insert the affiliate link anywhere in your website. Whether it be on the text, images, or menus. People will click on it => redirect to the company’s page => buy the product => you get commissions($$$). 🙂


Step #3: Get Visitors to the Store

You now have your product and a website.Left the most critical part of any business online. It is the “traffic“. Traffic simply means visitors. Without eyeballs on what you are promoting, no sales will be generated, thus no commissions for you.

There are two ways to get traffic:

  1. Free Method
  2. Paid Method


The best free method is called SEO(Search Engine Optimization). This is where you write articles on your website and get them ranked on search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. So when people visit your site, it is where you pre-sell them with your product. The downside with this technique is that the ranking process might takes months!

As for paid method, PPC(Pay Per Click) is the best in getting targeted traffic. You can see Ads of PPC throughout the web. Let’s take a look at Google search for example:

earn commissions selling online using paid traffic

Ads on Google Search

This is the most powerful way to get visitors to your website. You essentially pay Google for first page ranking. The downside, it costs money, and involves financial risk.


Let’s Do Some Math..

Why many people jump into Affiliate Marketing? Well, there are many reasons. But perhaps because of the money the can make. Now we will do some math here.

Assuming you promote “Acne Product” for $50 with 10% commissions. So each sale gives you $5. And because there are over 3 Billions internet users worldwide. You can potentially reach 1000 visitors a day. Taking the worst case scenario that only 50 buy from you, the earning per day would be $250. That’s $7,500 a month! And $90,000 a year!


Get A Proper Training

Reaching these figures are possible if you get a proper training on doing Internet Marketing. You should learn the skills of reaching people who are eager to buy your products. This will only lead to accumulated passive income that can set you financially free.

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That’s all from me on Earning commissions Selling products Online. I hope you can learn something new here. One more thing, please share this information and comment below for your thoughts. I would love to hear from you! 🙂



Your friend,

Edy Chandra


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