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Dow Jones Focus Group is A Scam – I Am Warning You! — 31 Comments

  1. Great article on binary scams and especially the dow focus group, I often wondered where they got their testimonial people from. Keep up the good work, your helping a lot of people keep there money and not throw it away as so many do with scams like these.

    • Hi Wayne,
      Dow Jones Focus Group looks like other trading software to me. Although the broker is not necessarily a scam, but the information given can be misleading. If we look at the testimonials themselves, those are 100% fake because the participants were paid a few bucks for scripted reviews. This is bad for newbies who don’t know anything about trading, they can indeed throw their money down to the drain. I won’t even bother joining something that is dishonest. NOT even the so called equinox software that brings you massive cash in a few clicks.

  2. don’t ever sign in for Dow Jones Focus Group. I’d bad experiences with them. i lost most of my trades. what they claimed can make people become millionaire and richer within 90 days is UNTRUE and all those articles are FAKE one. Don’t trust them!

    • Sorry to hear that Jc.
      Yes those are fake and not true. They manipulate innocents to believe that the program works. But the truth is far from the hype. To me, this software might be a complete scam. It would be best to stay away from Dow Jones Focus Group. You cannot afford losing all of your capital with software’s owner who is not honest at all!

  3. hi there, i am completely new to this topic but have been reading about this focus group and the watchdog review site has positive things to say about them, can you shed some light on that ? they usually dig deep when they review binary software and they did not mention any fake testimonials, what do you say about that ? i am very confused as to who to believe .

    • Hi Nadia,
      I know they are giving positive reviews because the brokers are legit.
      However, the software is not. As you can see that those testimonials are fake. They are actors who get paid to entertain people.

      Here I will give you the link to Fiverr site : Click Here
      The lady is one of Dow Jones Focus Groups past participants as you might remember from the sales page. She was NOT using the system and didn’t makes a lot of money. 100% Fake. Proof is all over there!

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  5. Thank you for pointing this out! I fell victim to a lot of Binary Option Robots in the past. The first bot I fell victim to was called Binary Option Robot and it had only a 40% success rate. I lost all of my money. In December 2014 and January 2015, I fell for the App810. Again a lot of hype, but in the end I also lost on this one all of my funds. For about 9 months I was able to withstand the temptation of binary option robots, but was fooled again when I saw all the hype about the Fast Cash Biz. All reviews on the Fast Cash Biz were positive and how outstanding it is. The 3rd time I gave it a shot on this one, but my broker (Anyoption) would not link up to the software, they kept sending me back to the registration page instead over and over again to keep signing me up to different brokers of their choice (which is a trick to have victims keep signing up through their software of their rotating brokers so they can earn affiliate commissions). The 4th time I was fooled again by the hype of the Google Trader. This time the Google Trader was claimed to be THE ONE! Because of its advanced algorithm – big word, huh? Well, I fell for that one too, signed up, deposited $250.00, set it up to 10 trades per day and lo and behold the first 7 out of 10 trades were indeed IN THE MONEY! Not bad for a start, I thought; however, the consecutive trades were less and less IN THE MONEY, but rather OUT OF THE MONEY, my account shrunk rapidly to $15.00 (not enough to request a withdrawal from my broker). The 5th time I fell victim was by Cash Camp, I literally thought that Cash Camp is the REAL ONE NOW!! And since Watchdog was or still is promoting and praising Cash Camp all over the place, I thought, heck, it must be a GOOD one and that CASH CAMP is the ONE NOW! They claimed that no binary option software comes close to CASH CAMP! I signed up and set up the Auto trading to 5 trades per day, but a funny thing happened (I will never forget) is that even though I limited the settings to 10 trades per day, Cash Camp kept trading and trading well beyond 5 trades per day. The scary thing about it was, however, that I was not able to deactivate the auto trading. The tick in the auto setting box couldn’t be removed because it was frozen; thus, it kept trading and trading and trading and trading and worst of all most of the trades were OUT OF THE MONEY it literally wiped out my account. I’m done with Binary Option Robots!

    And now all the hype and excitement with the Dow Jones Focus Group! Don’t be deluded as I was. It’s always the same gimmick. They are targeting newbies and as soon as there is a new bot coming out everybody on You Tube, Watchdog and other web sites reviewing it is endorsing it. I doubt IF all those reviews are honest. They are just misleading as they are out to earn affiliate marketing commissions on their hop link. As soon as a victim is clicking on their affiliate marketing link and signs up to one of those rotating brokers they earn big bucks.

    Another gimmick I noticed is that the production of those binary option robots becomes more and more professional where they try psychologically to manipulate the newbies/victims. In the past the production of Binary Option Robots wasn’t as perfect and professional as it has become nowadays. It will be interesting to see what the next fake production of the binary option robot will look like.

    Also please note, that one of my brokers (Titan Trade) I had to sign up to through Google Trader is still pestering me with phone calls every day. I made the mistake and provided my phone number. Never give them your phone number, some brokers are driving you nuts with phone calls. Mine is literally terrorizing me every single day with phone calls.

    • Hi Emily,
      I feel sorry for your experience here.
      I know that if you give up your phone number, they will stalk you until you invest at least $250. I had been there too. These people always want you to believe in their gimmicks saying that “the more you deposit, the more you will earn”. That’s absolutely wrong. If you don’t know what you are doing, chances to lose eveything within your account is very high.

      No such software can automate trading accurately. You need to have experience and knowledge when it comes to Binary Options. Those scammers are misleading. Don’t believe in any, ANY software/bot that promise instant cash. I hope you learn your lesson and move on. 🙂

  6. I joined the Dow Jones Focus Group. It has lost 50% of trades. Each Trade costs. On auto trade it has even signed me up for long term trades that have NO potential payout. Yep, I’m a newbie – a first timer. The site will not let me into the part that should show the trading graphs, so if I do manual trades – I am flying blind. They chucked in an extra $100.00, but that is almost gone. I get no reply to any email I send asking how to make the system work for me. I am now convinced it is a SCAM. If you have any money in it, withdraw it while you still can.

    • Thanks for sharing Robyn.

      You are right. Most trading softwares or any “rich quick” system out there are a scam. They give false information through their advertisement. Never believe on things that don’t make sense and come easy.

  7. Hi Ed,

    compare this article from under section “more information on the equinox program”

    Fake article proves the real story with Equinox

    Real original article / also single mom with the same first name …

    Check small details like name of the editor “By Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN”
    and date “Updated 1158 GMT (1958 HKT) February 24, 2015”

    Folks, this is absolutely pure scam !!!!
    This is another article with George Soros
    Fake article

    I did not checked other articles from the section “more information on the equinox program” but I guess it is the same fake.

    But I do not understand these reviews

    Probably also fake reviews too …..

    DowJones Focus Group is only SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!!

  8. I too have used Dow Jones Focus Group, I put it on auto, and I can tell you, you might as well have thrown a dart at a dart board with a blind fold on for how much use the system is, it’s nothing but gambling. I’ve done 12 trades so far and lost 8 won 4.
    I too think it is a hyped up scam.
    I am too easily fooled, this though is the last time. I will verify my account and withdraw my last remaining money.
    LOST £150
    These people need to be exposed, I broke my cardinal rule, “if it seems too good to be true it usually is”

    • Hi Alan.

      You are not alone. I myself till these days can be pulled toward “rich quick” promises. They target your emotion as you need financial freedom badly.

      Only sufficient mistakes that will wake you up and keep your eyes wide open on opportunity that doesn’t work but merely hype. Take this Dow Jones Focus Group as your experience, and move on!

  9. I am a little mad with what has happened with the dow jones focus group . I have been burned with a lot of robots before so I saw what watch dog said about it. so I tried it and the first day was 10 trades and 6 lost and 4 won. that is not good. the next day was worse. so I shut the auto off and left a question with watch dog and for some reason I was deleted off. maybe he does not want to see anything negative .so I left the same thing with James who was the person in control there. and he did the same to me with his web sight. so I think every thing is a scam now accept the one just mentioned here. ivory option. is this one safe. oh I almost forgot that I turned it back on to see what would happen. it did the same bull crap trading. and now for the past three days it has not done any trading.

    • Hi Tom,
      I am sorry for your situation here.
      Dow Jones Focus Group cannot be good as the testimonials are all fake.

      As for ivory Option, I don’t know much about it. But one thing for sure, there is NO Software that can automate your trading and maintain a good winning rate without you doing your due diligence. Be careful. Trading requires a strong foundation from the users, or else your financial stability can be put at risk.

  10. I cannot open the whatch dog web sight any more , when I do it says . Banned{enjoy the dollar menu } I tried it on another computer but I get the same thing. what happened did he get closed down with all of the false dealings.

  11. I have a question about George S. who does . I had him back in march and had . that was for 2 weeks and out of that 2 weeks his robot would do about 21 trades and 10 lost and 11 won. then I got tired of using that rip off guy. I would leave an email to his support team and I would actually get an answer. and he kept saying to let it trade some more and it should do better. I got that same answer for 3 times. so I shut it off and tried to get my money back. that took about 1 mounth. Binarybook did not want to give it up. now I tried asking watchdog the same question back in July and he would not give an answer. so have you ever heard of this guy and his rip off robot before. just curouis .

    • No Tom.. I haven’t heard of it yet.
      Don’t believe in any trading bot, they all are fake. Unless you do your part, then you might have more wins than losses. No software can give over 50% success rate on autopilot without you doing the job.

  12. thats funny, first on internet there was this ongoing thing that was to built web sites and find hosting fight with google for ranking spots fight to get some traffic etc etc. and hundreds or thousands dollars later finaly understand that you were never to make any money for selling stuff.
    Then came this other trend witch is those BINARY OPTIONS scams . If you don’t know yet all of those so called ”binary options” softwares are all put up by the same crooks that are making the on line casinos softwares witch were stealing your money and since the online casinos went down they came
    up with this binary
    option mumbo jumbo that you had to send 250$ up front to some ”broker”somewere on the net witch is the equivalent to send money to an African guy telling you you’v inherited millions.
    Now were back to squarre 1 building web sites find hosting fight with google
    to have your web page ranked on first page etc etc. Bare in mind that the one s who are making the money are the ones who creates the softwares period. The ones who realy succed selling stuff are no more than 1-2 %. The best proof I have is I’v asked all those softwares makers to join in with me and share the profits but nobody accepted becose they knew it would not work.
    So please do not spend a dime on all of those watch a ma call it stuff if you realy want to sell stuff you don’t need all those expensive softwares.

  13. Hi! Bit of a rant here, sorry.

    I provided a comment on what appears to be a legitimate review site as it does “appear” honest, about Dow Jones Focus Group. I realise that this is a marketing trick.

    My comment was whether participants realise they need to achieve about 60% winners simply to break even? Since a realistic excellent is maybe 70% over maybe 1000 trades, this ignores so many things like you might have 10 losses in a row with an occasional win. Account wiped out.

    This comment was deleted.

    Know thy maths. Some of you may have learnt the Poisson probability distribution at school. With the two limitations of a fixed payout/loss and having to hold it to maturity, there is little room to move for money management, which is the first rule of any consistent successful speculator.

    The odds are so far stacked in the brokers favour it is astonishing that anyone can make dosh out of binary options.

  14. hi Edy …. i dont think DowJones is a good software to be use … the presentation and ppl reniew just i feel too good to be truth …. i invest in Dow Jones and my brokerage is Binary Brokerz… last 2 days and i start tread in auto trade of 25 per trade and i do 3 manual trade … after 2 days i log in …. what i get is make me frustrated …. my result 8 loose 5 win …. swept my deposit from 250 to 89++ only …. is it a good software? i ask dowjones support… until now no reply…. i have a proof to show to you …. what your email? and maybe you can tell others to stay away from this software from now on ….

    • Hi Rosnah,
      As I mentioned in this post, the software can be dangerous. Those people who gave testimonials are all fake. So do the “promise”.

  15. Hi,Edy

    I was about signed up Dow Jones Focus Gruops then stumbled in this website, actually bit of confused some feedback like such scam website review firmly said Dow Jones Focus Group not scam,I’m also heard real people admit make profit through binary option with auto trading software, when enquired further refuse to review which software, what is your opinion on this. Well, I’m also victims like many others fallen with such scam, For benefit of those avoid these scam like “Overnight Profit”,”Cash Code”,”Pro Binary bot”,”Push Button Salary”. What do you think about this “Ultimate4Trading” which constantly appear on website rocking the trading market, I signed for demo mode with amount $500 balance, about 6 hours continuous trading profit grow to $6000 with winning rate from 60~75%, profit by 4th day $25000 ITM, this is not auto trading software but manually input with no decision making required with 60 seconds expiry time. What on this software platform is an asset, a trading platform graph with another below like signal graph monitor every movement with just one trading indication “call”or”put”, at any point of time just click open trade, but this software must open an account with EZ Trader only which is regulated broker. Question is whether this demo mode will reflect same as live trade result or just manipulation to entice newbies to similar scam, what’s your opinion? This is the website

    • I am not sure about that one Allen. You may contact them and see the response. If they get back to you with additional information, you can may ask for more clarification.

    • Hi Abizar,
      One thing for sure. They CANNOT automate trading that will maintain above 50% win rate all the time.

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