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Copyop Scam Review: Is it Legit or Another Trading Hype? — 33 Comments

  1. hi Edy
    I think you give Copyop a fair assessment! I had never heard of it but the premise of it is ridiculous. Copying someone? Where are they getting the people you are copying? And why would those people give away their thinking and possible inside info? It does not make any sense to me. Unless someone has a fair amount of experience with trading, I would not recommend this program either

    • That’s right Emily,
      It is ridiculous. But when there are many members join Copyop platform, it can be a huge winnner to the owner. 20% for thosands of people is a great money, but if those members lose, they are still not affected. All the risk is on the members!

    • That is it – it is not human nature to give away the secret that makes you real money – if it is truely profitable you will never hear of it – it will be under wraps – so for someone to say just copy me you will make some money sounds too good to be true –

      • That’s right Rob!
        It is wiser to do your own homework and deal with the risk. Copying others won’t guarantee success, especially the ones that let you copy them. I am sure no one would. If they do, be careful as there might a set up.

  2. Hi Edy,
    Love this article. I do trade, but I don’t trade like that. (thank goodness) If I don’t know the traders, I get a little concerned with my money. (lol) That being said, I did look into your Make Money Online through Internet Marketing. I stay at home, and I really like what I saw. I wonder how feasible it would be to aim for a goal of $3,000 a month. Do you think it’s possible? I’m sure it might take a bit, but that’s what I would like to aim for. Thanks for sharing Edy!!

    • Trading is fun when we know what we are doing. But, some people just need to be aware of the risk.
      As for online marketing, yes it is possible. The same truth applies for trading. If you prefer to do online business, then $3,000 a month is realistic goal to be achieved. There are people that make much more than that. Again, it takes learning and time, unlike fake gurus out there saying that you can make this sort of income with no work. It of course involves some effort. Once you know it works, you can easily scale up the revenue to any figures you want. First, you need to get your foundation built!

    • Yes Kevin, it is somewhat risky.
      I have personally get used to some brokers out there. They are smart though by creating this sort of platform, where you are trading for them. Well, for this case WITH them. Everything goes back to someone decision, go big fast or go big slow. But go big fast can potentially make you go BROKE fast too.

  3. I sent numerous emails to them asking them to confirm my identification documents but I received nil responses from their support team. Also I never receive the bonuses as promised.

    • Hi Danscen,
      The platform itself doesn’t have Live Chat. It already proves that their support is not sufficient to the members. I personally would stay away from this opportunity. If you really want to become a trader, you can look for other Trading platforms that are reputable. 🙂

  4. hi I only have a hundred dollars and I been laid off work so things are tight. But I am thinking trying to start out with trading what do you think is the best way to invest and with which trading online company. I have never done anything like this but willing to learn. I am not expecting big returns on my money. but want to try to make extra income will I am waiting to return to work. I have to wait a few months before I start back and money is tight right now. it not like I am going win the lotto. please any in put would be great. I am willing to wake up early and do trading all hour of the day. just do not want to pay on line trading company to join

    • Hello Clyde,
      I don’t know what is the best trading online company, but I did study how to trade in OneTwoTrade platform. This is legit one without any crazy promise. I myself don’t want to become a trader, all of them require to invest at least $200-$250 and harder to learn. It is risky as well.

      I usually save my money $1.50 a day to afford my #1 recommendation platform. And NOW I have made decent income with it 🙂

  5. Copy op is certainly a scam. Haven’t lost any money but you can’t withdraw money from your account. They lie to you about your details then ask for rediculous personal information.if I deposited money through my debit card then if I’m not me why would I try to put money back onto someone else’s card. Scam, scam scam, all the way. Don’t touch with a barge pole. Despicable people. Hope they rot in hell.

    • I’m sorry to hear that.
      There are plenty of techniques scammers use in order to take your hard-earned cash. One of them is by asking too many personal information. I myself had given my phone number one time, and they keep pitching me a ponzi scheme where I will make more by invest more. That’s a classic scam move. So better stay away from it my friend!

    • Certainly agree with you, i have been trading with them for 3 weeks and overall lost about $300, although I copied traders above 65% success.
      I understood it was a scam when I noticed that they not updating their ” successfull” traders stats.when they loosing.
      For example : a trader who has 75% ratio in one day losses 15 out 20 trades but his ratio and trade stats. isn’t changing.
      Be very careful guys!!!

      • Hi Sam,
        That’s an aweful loss! I personally never believe in any system that promise to make money without putting an effort. Copying from others is NOT the solution to become successful online. It is sad that most people are misled by the information given from deceitful trading platforms. I hope you learn your lesson, and thank you for sharing your story. 🙂

  6. I’ve been searching for answers on wether copyop is a scam or not. I’ve invested the initial $250 to start trading but now they ask for a Colour copy of the Card you used (blocking out the first 12 numbers and CCV#), a colour copy of your ID and a copy of an Utility Bill (which has your residential address. You are unable to access your money till you handover all this personal information. This seemed too fishy for me so have not yet sent the information. What exactly can someone gain from this information??? Is it too big of a risk to go through with it?

    • Hi Wal,
      I never heard that those things are required to access your money. Why would they need them anyway? A legitimate platform will NOT ask you things that are too fishy as you mentioned here. I adviced to refrain from their platform. Those people are weird. I am guessing they have some sort of unethical trick to suck your credit card dry. Be careful before giving any personal information. As far as I know, Colour copy of card, ID and Utility Bill are never considered necessary to access any type of online monetary!

      • Asking for identification is a standard procedure for all trading platforms that are registered with a financial governing body. The type of documents they look for is the card you used with the either the first three number or the last four of the card number to be display and the rest to be marked out, the back of the card with the CCV number to be marked out, prove of identity such as passport, and proof of residence such as utility bill. The reason for this is to prevent fraud and that you are not laundering money through their platform

  7. Hi Edy, After I paid my £200 to copyop I realised this was not for me and asked for the £200 to be refunded to my credit card, after sending four emails with no reply the last one I stated I would now take it further as there was no excuse for not answering my emails unless they did not want to do any refunds, fortunately my card company is sending me a form to fill in regarding this problem and hopefully credit it from my account. so my advise to anyone is really check out any company before parting with a penny. John Vickers

    • Hi John,
      I have heard similar case like you have here. It is better to settle the issue from your card company directly. But be sure to do this within 14 days, because it might get harder if pass that period of time. Copyop seems to cause many problems. So, be careful next time! Whenever someone come to you and promise to make money without little or no effort, then you are probably running into a scam. Success require hard work and dedication my friend. 🙂 I hope you can solve the matter as soon as possible and get your hard-earned cash back. Thanks for warning others.

  8. (Pasting my response here from whirlpool)
    So just to write something about copyop because there is nothing much on forums abt it, i will write about my experience:

    I have started using copyop as a trader and must admit that it is really good if you are a trader. It gives you very easy access to global assets to trade in both directions! Where else can you get that unless you pay heave brokerages and set up complex trading accounts?!

    After leaving my career as a professional prop trader where i had access to shorting limited assets and had to share 50% of my profits, i am really really glad to find copyop where i can trade options long and short in indices, stock, currencies and commodities, 24×7 from the ease of my home. Nohing can get better than this!

    Now for people looking to copy traders’ successes, you might as well donate your money somewhere because traders are after all humans. 50% success rate in trading is considered very good! The game is to minimise losses on your loosing trades and maximise gains on your winning ones.

    Simply forget it if you want to copy a trader and make money. More often you will find yourself on the wrong side of the trader’s streak.

    But if you are an individual trader, i personally belive that copyop is the best thing to happen to us ever! If any novices want to know what trading is all about, read ‘One Good Trade’ by Mike Bellafiore.

    • Hi Beststar,
      Binary Option Trading has really changed the way traders strategize their technique to win over the market. It gives you the ability to predict faster compare to traditional option. However, the risk is also a lot higher. As for those who have experienced already, it can be an advantage. But for those who are newbies, it is better to be careful as you might blindly copy the wrong person which leads to more losses.

    • Just a question to BESTSTAR,

      You talked about avoid copying any pro trader and utilize this platform as an individual trader and take advantage of their full options, as yourself do.

      I think You are a skilled trader and have won some decent income with Copyop, but…

      how about the nightmare they cause you when it comes to the withdrawal process?
      Could you share with this group, how has been your experience in this matter?

  9. Its just gambling. Bet365 offer a similar game on there website. Dont see how u would know what would happen hour to hour. most people’s success rates between 40-60%. Sounds like you would be just as well off playing red/black or odds/evens on roulette

  10. Hi I’m going to try it… I believe that it can deliver… All you need to do is research the market first… Before using copyop… You are given two choices of how to invest.. One where you can do it your self which means you could get copy your self if you are successful or over that are… And it dose show what good and what not and your don’t have to pay a whole lot of money to try.. And yes it risk.. The market always is.. And it dose give the smaller man a chance.. Do your research first.. And they did phone and was very helpful.. And with any service their is always a fee.. But you can withdraw once a month for free…

  11. am just too scared of copyop.I wanted to invest but decided to contact copyop and clarify some things I found out but no reply.What I see is withdrawal is not transparent.just too risky.

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