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There are few Chris Farrell Membership Complaints that you might want to know here. Perhaps this will help you to decide whether it is worth joining the program or not at all. Find out the truth within my review as I will walk you through what CFM is all about! So make sure to read till the very end Okayy 🙂


Chris Farrell Membership Review

Chris Farrell Membership ComplaintsProduct Name : Chris Farrell Membership (CFM)
Website :
Owner : Chris Farrell
Price : $4.95 first 7 days, $37/mo or $297/yr, $47 for Personal E-mail Swipe and $997 “Mentor Me” Program.
Overall Ranking : 70 Out of 100


CFM Overview

This so called one of the most respected and successful internet marketers in the industry today, Chris is teaching people how to make money from the internet. His step-by-step videos training will set you into the right path of online business. Now, there are few things that I don’t like about CFM and I will cover this later below.

So, what do you learn in the membership area? Well, as you might already know that you get to learn the 3 step process of making money online:

Step 1 : Find a Profitable Niche
Step 2 : Build a List
Step 3 : Introduce a product to them

Those steps are all you need to make consistent revenue. But, it takes more training, effort and time to grow it. As what the guy from England(Chris) always says that you must get involved so that you learn faster. Well that’s true and I agree with that. Here is a quick look of CFM navigation menu where you can learn more to accomplish the 3 steps:

CFM navigation menu let’s go to the good and the bad side of CFM.


The Good and The Bad

The Good

There are some aspects that I like about Chris Farrell Membership:

  • The training is easy to understand and followed by a complete newbie.
  • The start-up cost is low.
  • Less hype than most other online marketing platforms.
  • He is trying to be funny sometime


The Bad

Well, there are going to be few bad things unfortunately. What I dislike:

  • Hidden upsells. Do you realize that? 1) when you sign up for $4.95 first 7 days there is actually a personal E-mail Swipe product that costs $47. This is a typical guru moves.

Chris farrell upsell

2) When you have done most of the training within the membership area, you are offered “Mentor Me” program for about $1K. $997 to be exact. Please do NOT sign up for that unless you think there is no other alternative than CFM!

  • The training is limited to low level of online marketer and not fully sustained within Chris’ program. If you want more, then be prepared to get your money sucked in!
  • The forum sucks. Seriously! You don’t really get to socialize with many people. It’s just CFM admins where they ask you to subscribe to their emailing list and bombard you with another products. Below is the screenshot of an Admin replying to one of the new CFM members:

Chrisfarrell membership pricing

So, those are all the you might want to know. I believe many people have been complaining about this because Chris Farrell didn’t mention the full price within his program homepage.


My Final Opinion for CFM

If you are a complete newbie, Chriss Farrell Membership is definitely for you. But please do NOT buy any of the hidden upsells. Well it is up to you. I myself will never do it because it’s just a deceitful trick. And I feel like a donkey if I purchased the hidden products. Most innocent people get trapped into this where they ending up to spend thosands of dollar and make ZERO earning.

So, you definitely want to finish the training within the platform if you are already a member. Then you can move to another place that I will recommend here called Wealthy Affiliate. To put into perspective.

Chris Farrell Membership teaches you : A B C D E about Online Marketing (Overall Ranking 70 Out of 100)

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you : A – Z about Online Marketing ( Overall Ranking 98 Out of 100)

Now WA is straightforward, there is no hidden upsells. EVER! There is no expensive mentoring program or spammy community things like that. You can read my full review about Wealthy Affiliate. And give it a try for FREE. Yes! $0 without credit card required!


Click Here to Read Wealthy Affiliate Full Review!


That’s all I have to show you about Chris Farrell Membership Complaints. I hope this will help you to decide whether to sign up for the program, especially the $1K one. To me it’s not worth the money. Please share this information if it has enlightened you, and comment below for your opinion. I’d love to connect with you 🙂


Your friend,

Edy Chandra



Chris Farrell Membership Complaints – Is It Worth to SignUp? — 10 Comments

    • You’re welcome Keye.
      Chris’s program is suitable for newbie only. If you have some experience on Online Marketing, then it is not worth joining.

  1. Hi Edy – I was on CFM program. I did learn a lot however it lacked that final something to really get you going.
    CFM is a good program, in my opinion, however Wealthy Affiliate is far superior and is my number one recommendation
    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Mark,
      CFM is indeed a good program for new comers. However, I don’t think many people like his upsells. That’s WHY Wealthy Affiliate would be a better place to learn online marketing as it is not such deceitful gurus tactics.

    • Yes absolutely Jason. I have tasted so many online marketing platforms out there, and WA is the best one in term of training, pricing and support.

  2. I have heard of the Chris Farrell Membership program before but I have never been tempted to join. As you have mentioned the thing a hate about programs like this is the ridiculous upsells.

    Why do they have to do that? In my opinion, they may have a good program but undisclosed upsells make them out to be spam companies.

    Thank you for the review. Wealthy Affiliate sounds more promising, I will read that review.


    • That’s right Lis,
      It is ashamed to know Chris Farrell Membership do have hidden upsells. This is not the right way to go for online business. Although they never force someone to buy, but I still think that it isn’t appropriate.

  3. Chris actually offers some free tutorials at Alison and if you look through the lessons, you’ll find that he focus more on traffic building rather than content creation. Some of his points are valid, but people might get the wrong idea that creating a website is solely for the purpose of getting subscribers instead of improving readers engagement.

    • Hello Cathy,
      I do agree with that. It is all about readers engagement before showing any opportunity we have to them. Chris teaches this quite well, and again the bad thing about the membership is just those hidden upsells and lack of advanced trainings. Beyond that, CFM would be the second best online marketing platform of all time 🙂

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