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If you wanted to cancel your membership for Digital Altitude, or maybe need a refund, please keep reading. Because I am going to show you how. And also, I will share a bit of story about this company.

cancel digital altitude membership


Canceling Digital Altitude

You might be a paying customer of DA, and you have decided to quit the whole hype. So the only way to do this, is by reaching out to your coach (salesperson).

Your so-called Coach will actually ask you some questions regarding “why you quit”.

I know you probably hate to be questioned. But no choice. This is how it works as Michael Force set it up here:

How do I cancel my digital altitude Membership


And believe me or not, the coach is going to convince you to stay.

Now it is up to you to give your reasons. My advice is keep it short and to the point.


Once your coach has finished the exit interview with you, they will provide a cancellation link.

And all you have to do is clicking on that link. After that, your credit card will no longer be charged.



Can You Get A Refund?

Yes you can, as long as it is within the refund period.

As for all ASPIRE products, you have 14-days to claim your refund. Beyond that, I’m sorry my friend.


How about the rest of “ridiculously expensive products”? You know.. The ones that cost a few thousands dollars and the highest level which is $28,000!

Unfortunately, you only have 72-hours for those products.


Now if you really don’t feel like you get your money worth. I would suggest going down to your bank and ask for the solution. And if you used Paypal, you can open a dispute.



You Have Made The Right Decision

I am glad that you decided to cancel your ASPIRE or Digital Altitude membership.

To me, this program is insane.

I have been an Affiliate Marketer for years. And this company reminds me of Empower Network and MOBE.

These two are high ticket programs that literally can cost up to $XX,XXX to join. And believe me or not, the system focuses mainly on selling the exact system to others, and in order for others to make the investment back, they have to sell the same system again.


Also for the money that you pay, there is no sufficient value in there. For an Ethical marketer like me, this makes me mad.

The truth about becoming An Affiliate, is that you DON’T NEED to buy products in order to sell it.

If you go to Amazon.com and become their affiliate, they will not charge you a dime.

If you go to Clickbank.com and become their affiliate, they will not charge you a dime.

It just doesn’t make sense. Why would someone charge you if you help promoting their stuff? Unless it is a shady stuff!


I hope you get my point there.

Anyway, if you are serious to make money online that involves:

  • Real products,
  • Real value,
  • and without spending thousands of dollars.


I highly recommend to check out My #1 Rated Platform. I promise you that you can make money based on your passion. You don’t have to sell the same damn system to people.

Earning full-time income online is not hard.

You just need the right step-by-step training, genuine support, and faith in yourself.


To get the best training on Affiliate Marketing, check out My #1 Recommend Platform. I will give more information on that page. (100% real without gimmick)






All the best,

Edy Chandra

edy chandra








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