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business idea for home-based businessLet’s talk about Business Idea that is suitable and profitable for Home Based Business. You need this idea for your future work, so you don’t want to play around with it! As an entrepreneur, we can always make a silly idea becomes popular. Therefore, Don’t worry too much on how simple your idea is.

You will know that there are few cool ways to generate an idea easily. One of them is by an online free tools which can give tons of interesting ideas to pick. And another way is to use our every day life surroundings. So make sure to read till the end okay..:).

Nowadays, people often neglect the importance of new ideas and assume that it won’t work. This is where many of them failed in their business. You have to embrace the idea once it is chosen! However, you can change it in the early stage if it is really not for you. Everyone makes mistakes. And try NOT to wait until things are perfect than you make a move. Just go for it!


How to Generate Ideas Using Free Tools

There are many tools out there that can generate ideas quickly. Here I will give a trick to find unlimited choices of ideas using a free keyword suggestion tool. It is called ubersuggest.org, where you can simply type in a broad keyword; such as “electric car” then it will give you the expansion ideas from A-Z. Look at the image below at the expansion of letter B and C :

Electric Car Ideas

As you can see at Section B and C alone, there are several ideas that we can take note. Of course there are more from A-Z expansion. Feel free to play around with it :). Next tool is what I personally use for home-based business idea!

What I am using is called Jaaxy Brainstorming, where you will be shown the latest and hottest trends in Google, Yahoo Buzz, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Seller and Twitter Trends. With this, you can quickly discover popular trends in the world! Check out the image below:

Jaaxy brainstorming business ideasThis tool is really powerful and up-to-date! So don’t worry to lose track of your business ideas. It has Free-trial and can be used up to 30 searches. There are also many awesome features on Jaaxy to know about. Read the Jaaxy Review here to know more!


How to Generate Ideas using Surroundings

Another cool way to have an idea for your home based business is by natural surroundings! You have to see what most people cannot see. The only way to unlock this skill is by practicing it every single day.

The more you explore and pay attention to the surroundings, the more ideas will come into your head. So make sure to take a close look on things around you and questioning about its improvements.

Watch this short video from Epicster on how to find business idea by using surroundings:

Now you know what to do with your surroundings! This will hopefully shape your characteristic to become a successful entrepreneur if you do it consistently. And along the way, you might get a incredible idea that no one can think about. Who knows right? Don’t give up on your home based business! Keep spinning your imagination and change the world with your unique thoughts.


I hope this is helpful to you and your business. Please share if it does, and let me know what you think about your business ideas in the comment below. I’d love to hear from you :). Wish you Good Luck and Success!

Your friend,

Edy Chandra


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Business Idea for Home Based Business — 4 Comments

  1. Hi there Edy,

    Every since I had this entrepreneur mindset, most of my business ideas come from talking with people and reading current issues on the news. For me, solving a problem is a business opportunity. If you can identify the problem and find ways to work around it, you have got a business plan.


    • Hello Cathy,
      Thanks for your sharing here on how to get business ideas :).
      I agree with you that we can take advantage of problems and turn it into solution. People will see us as being a helpful person and they will decide to give us more opportunity to create solutions for more advanced problems. As a result, we are building relationship to our audiences and they will trust us more for any sort of help.

  2. Hi — I was wondering if you allow media promotion to your list? If so, I have a product that your audience may be interested in.

    Please be in touch. Many Thanks!

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