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Build My Own Website for FREE – 30 Seconds All You Need — 4 Comments

  1. Hi, you really put it in a well structured way Edy. I previously thought it is so difficult and costly to build a website. But thanks to the technology or should I say wordpress to make it so easy.Not to mention, the Siterubix that give an opportunity to explore for FREE.

    • Hello Azlan, It was great to know building a website is easy with proper tutorials and services 🙂 WordPress is one of them as most of its plugins are free to install. Moreover, with siterubix it gets even easier to collaborate in creating a brand new website for beginners that will take within 30 s. It might take more than 30 s though if this is the first time, but surely less than 30 s when we get use to it. Siterubix has provided tremendous experience for newbie in building a website for FREE!

  2. Hi Edy, I am in Nigeria and I tried creating a website using siterubix but it declined ; reason been that Nigeria is not supported. Please do you have alternatives?

    • Hi Edwin,

      You can change Your IP address to the accepted country. (Google it)
      Once you have changed the IP address, try again. It should work.

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