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Here you will be learning “build my own website for free” it will take only 30 seconds to set up a free website after you learn it step-by-step below. There are some providers that elaborate this kind of service to help us build a website without costing a penny, however we need to use their service name such as (weebly,siterubix, etc). Here, I will be teaching you how to build your own using siterubix, because to me it is the best free site builder.

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Why FREE Website instead of Paid One

First and for most, what is the purpose of you wanting to build a website? Is it for fun, hobby, or trying to build a business and make money with it? How about I tell you that you can do all of them. It is great to learn something new, especially when we enjoy it.

Having a website is the start of new passion. Some people just want to try it for free and having fun with it. Some prefer the paid one. Well it is not really that costly for a paid website. All you need is $10-$15 per year. Thats all you need to pay for the domain name. Since this is about free one, we will be using siterubix. You will have yourwebsitename.siterubix.com as your domain name. In order to do this, you need to create a free account with Wealthy Affiliate, but you can see through the steps first if you want. (I will give a link step-by-step video tutorial to set-up a website under 30 seconds by -Kyle at the bottom, If you want to get more details into the steps here).

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4 Easy Step to Build A Website with Siterubix


build a website step 1 bWhat kind of website you want to build? You will be given two choices. one is “A Free Website” and the other is “On a domain I own”. Select the first one “A Free Website”. Then you will see “Choose your domain name” box pop out. Type your desired domain name. Ex : typehere.siterubix.com (proceed to step 2)

(click on the image to see clearer)


build a website step 2Name your website. You will need to name your website. Ex : mysuccessonlinermarketing.com as for mine. It will be displayed on the top of your website. (You can change this at any time after installing your website).



build a website step 3Choose a look for your website. You need to chose a theme and just click on the one you like. (you can use demo to see the preview). However, there will be limited themes available for a free website.



build a website step 4Build your Site! Click on I’m Ready, Build My Site Now! Wait for a while, and your website is done. Congratulation!



That is all the step to build a free website my friend. Now you try it again and I am sure it will take you less than 30 seconds. ( Here is a link to the step by step tutorial by Kyle if you need more clarification on the steps ).


I hope that helps you to build a website with ease. Please drop me a comment below for feedback or questions, and do share this post if you like it. I would love to work with you to build your successful future.


Your friend,

Edy Chandra


Build My Own Website for FREE – 30 Seconds All You Need — 2 Comments

  1. Hi, you really put it in a well structured way Edy. I previously thought it is so difficult and costly to build a website. But thanks to the technology or should I say wordpress to make it so easy.Not to mention, the Siterubix that give an opportunity to explore for FREE.

    • Hello Azlan, It was great to know building a website is easy with proper tutorials and services 🙂 WordPress is one of them as most of its plugins are free to install. Moreover, with siterubix it gets even easier to collaborate in creating a brand new website for beginners that will take within 30 s. It might take more than 30 s though if this is the first time, but surely less than 30 s when we get use to it. Siterubix has provided tremendous experience for newbie in building a website for FREE!

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