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I have stumbled upon Abundance Unlimited recently and would like to give a Review whether or not it is a Scam. You have probably visited the website and wondering if you can really claim $1000 just by entering your information details. Here I will be showing you the REASON why you should NOT give your phone number to them.


Abundance Unlimited Review

Abundance Unlimited ScamName : Abundance Unlimited (AU)
Website :
Owner : Travis Cane
Price : At least $200 Deposit
Overall Ranking : 30 Out of 100


AU Overview

When you first get into the step1 page, you will see a free giveaway up to $10,000 and $7,000. This can really intrigue us to join the program and be financially free. BUT, it doesn’t stop there. You can also claim $1000 just by entering your e-mail address or contact information. The image looks like this.

enter email and get $1000 abundance scam

I laughed and simply entered my email address, then clicked the “Claim this Offer” button. This brings us to the second page, where they have a sale video about how you can make money, live the life like rich people and so on.


What Can You Do Inside?

If you watch the video, apparently it is a trading platform. I personally have encountered this stuff many many times. You know what’s funny about them? They keep saying FREE automatic program that generates money for you. The more you put money into it, the faster it will spit wealth to you.

Now, I will tell you that most trading platform requires at least $200-$250 to start trading. It is not free after all. Freaked out? Unless you have been a trader for something, then you will probably make some good money. If you just an innocent beginner, you could have lost everything! Please be careful. (If you don’t believe there’s a minimum deposit, check out the image below):

Deposit $200 to abundance unlimited

Is this guy really make $7,516 a day? Of course not. People can easily make a fake testimonial online. Nowadays, you can even have a fake video testimonial for $5 at Many often, I see people buy into the fake promise and believe that this can be a get rich quick opportunity.

The reality? It’s like tossing a coin and predict which one will be head or tail. The speaker also talks about helping others for free after you get rich. He himself not offering you something that’s free.


What You Should NOT Do

Every trading platform or so called Binary Options usually asks for your personal details such as Country and Phone number. Should you give them your number? I advice you don’t! If you ask me WHY. The answer is simple, they will pitch you to invest with them! 

I personally had been called by many brokers saying that “Hey Edy! Are you ready to start making serious money? Have you ready to invest yet? Have you had your fund? When can we call you next time? Don’t worry, we are trained professionals”. BLA BLA BLA.

Here’s what you can see inside Abundance Unlimited on the step 2:

Abundance unlimited wants your phone number

I eventually manage to change my phone number and get myself free from disturbance. Trust me..They will try so many different way to get you invest with them. Did you see the point here? It has gone too far from the promise. Trading takes time and effort to learn, and not everyone can do it easily. It involves analysis and financial management.


My Advice to You

Forget all the get rich quick scheme. It NEVER exists. If someone tell you otherwise, it’s most likely a scam. Financial freedom takes effort and time to achieve, but it is doable. What I would recommend you is building an online business based on your interest. This is the best way to make money online and earn from decent money to a lot more.

If you have not heard about Online Marketing, you should really consider it. This is the only option for you to achieve financial freedom without risking your money trading. It is also easier to be learnt and applied. I have a free platform for you to take a shot. NO obligation, phone number, or even credit card required. 100% FREE to taste!


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That’s all my review about Abundance Unlimited. Hope you can determine whether it is a scam or not. Please do me a favor by sharing this information if it helps, and comment below for your thoughts. I’d love to hear from your opinion 🙂

Your friend,

Edy Chandra


Abundance Unlimited Scam – STOP and Read My Review Here! — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Edy – Great looking website. It looks clean and is easy to read. Thanks for exposing the scam about Abundance Unlimited.
    There are so many scams online at the moment and the more that are exposed the easier our job will be
    Great Job

    • You’re right Mark.
      Most trading platforms are overhyped. Abundance Unlimited is of them.
      Unfortunately, tons of scammer out there is increasing every single day and I will try my best to help innocent people avoid them.

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