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A little introduction of myself here:

edy chandra founder of mysuccessonlinemarketing.comMy name is Edy Chandra. You can see my picture there enjoying the freedom as an Internet Entrepreneur 🙂 Yeah, can you guess where I am from?

Okay. Have you guessed it? I am actually from Indonesia. But currently staying in Singapore for study. I have been doing online business for a while now since I don’t want to work for a boss.

Based on my experience, searching an extra income online is not a pleasant journey! Trust me..most of people end up stuck and frustrated.

There are many irrelevant shiny objects bombarding you everytime you are online. They could be banners, videos, emails, forums chat, comments, and many more. Most of the time, these people are pitching hypes! How to make money with a click of a button, how to earn 6-7 figures income in a month and so on. I hate this kind of pitch! I hope you can relate it. They all are just telling BS!


Two things you will notice whether it is true making money online opportunity :

1. Pay attention to the title and see what is the content. Are they similar? If NO, do not continue and close it!

2. Do they provide you a Free-TrialThat means it does NOT require credit card to see how the system works. This is important to know more about the offer without RISK!


I had stuck for few months online without someone guiding me. I was so broke because I’m still a student. I have to spend less on food every day to fund suitable and affordable online marketing platform. My investment has to be worth something! There are tons of scams all over the web. There are also some good ones, but the prices are just not for me. Some platforms’ pricings are confusing, and the worst is the support system sucks.

I was a beginner and I felt isolated. I was about to quit and forget making money online. I’ve spent over $500+, and no sales coming in at all. I just can’t give up. I tried my best to search for excellent, affordable and responsive platform out there. And guess what? I found it!


First, I was not sure whether is it for me. But there is no credit card required, and I can create free account. So why not try it “I said to myself”. Without thinking any longer and taking no risk, I created my free account and get started immediately.

HOLY MOLLY! This is something different than what I have been before. No hypes, no hidden prices, no hard selling, the tutorials are-step by-step, support system is perfect (I literally get replied within few minutes), and you get a warm welcome from the founders themselves. This is amazing! Most online marketing platforms’ founders are just busy, not responsive, and less engaging. I L.O.V.E my new community!




By the time you are reading this, I’ve made this blog from the guide of the community.

the best online learning platform community


If you are looking real opportunities to generate income online, this is the final stop my friend. No other platform out there can understand you better! I was completely new to making money online, but I was able to have my own business running now less than 3 months. I bet you can do it too right?


This is not a one click button and you become rich! If you want to be financially free, you have to earn it. There is no such thing as get rich quick scheme. You need a strong foundation!

I will not try to pitch you here. Again, It is my pure experience. If you want to find out more about this amazing platform, go ahead and check my review about it. You will be guided after signing in. Dont worry! Take the basic course for free, understand the concept how to make money online, chat with real people and ask questions at the “live chat box”. You can find me inside too ( here is a link to my profile ).




Best Regard,

Edy Chandra ( the Founder of MySuccessOnlineMarketing.com )


edy chandra








About Edy — 28 Comments

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is a best place to learn how to create lifetime online income. Thank you for your post. I’m waiting for your posts about your success.

  2. Your about me page is nice, I love the way you promote wealthy affiliate, it’s awesome ! It’s amazing how much success comes from wealthy affiliates.

  3. Hi Edy,
    Very good site looks like it should do the business for you.
    One little thing you should consider is dropping the “bit” in your introduction at the top of this page!
    Otherwise very good all round.

    • Hi Patrick,
      Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it 🙂
      I personally think it will be better to remove the “bit” too.

  4. Hi Edy, what an honest introduction about yourself. Wealthy Affiliate is unique by giving an opportunity for a free membership. Maybe because of that,some people thought there was a catch. They would rather charge the credit card and get scammed :). By the way, just a suggestion,why not you share with audience what make you jump into the online world at this stage of your life.
    All the best, who knows you might be another Kyle ten years from now 🙂

    • I hope so, hahaha. Well, the thing that got me to the online world because of the idea for financial freedom and time freedom. Although this terms seem to be impossible, but I believe that I can do it. I myself is a long-term thinker, I plan my future far ahead and how many options that I can choose for the best way possible to reach them all. Before immersing online, I was introduced to direct-selling company and did approach strangers. This taught me a lot mentally and emotionally. I then choose online marketing instead, because of the great potential ahead as I notice more people are buying stuff online 🙂

  5. Hello Edy,

    I am new in WA but what I see in your web site captured my eyes and it looks very professional. Very nice.
    Thank you for asking our feedback. Keep it up.


  6. Hello Edy:

    You’ve done an amazing job with your site. You have incorporated great creativity in your marketing content with honesty and flair. I believe you have a winner here. An enjoyable read with honesty at its best. Very best wishes in your journey with WA. Blessings!


    • Hello Vena,
      Thanks for visiting my website here. I’m glad that you find it amazing and helpful.
      I will keep improving it as time goes by.
      If you have any feedback in the future, I will welcome you to visit my site again 🙂


  7. Hi Edy, Great Website awesome to see you have a lot of informative and resourceful content on your site. Great Job. I look forward to following your success. Nui.

    • No problem Nui,
      Slowly we will grow in knowledge and revenue, that’s how real online business works
      We start from ZERO all the way to HERO 🙂

  8. Good blog done. the setup of the paragraphs and all the content used was well thought out. The planned lay out of the blog was important for me, giving me the various headings to each paragraph below the headings.

    Well done and congratulations with this website.

    • Many thanks to you Niel Olsen,
      I am glat that you like my website here. Hope you can pick up something new and apply it to yours as well 🙂

  9. Hi

    Please could my membership be cancelled asap. Unfortunately due to work commitment I have not been to participate fully.

  10. Boleh ketemu gak. Saya orang indo juga. Kayanya gak percaya Gila gak ketemu dgn orangnya langsung. Saya tertarik tapi tidak mengerti sistem kerjanya bgmn dpt passive income.

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