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45 Minute Paydays Scam Review – Should You Join? — 31 Comments

  1. Hey Edy, thanks for the review. As someone looking for ways to make money online I am someone who may have been sucked into this and left dismayed when I encountered the upsells. I hope your review reaches far and wide and saves some people some money.

    • Hi Christian,
      The program can be devastating for those who have medium income. They will get stuck in the middle of the process and let wondered how to fund the high ticket product. That’s why I don’t recommend this 45 Minute Paydays. The lady called Raena Lynn has been in this Internet Marketing for at least 4 years. So of course she gets result. And as for those who are just starting out, it would be better to start with affordable programs that focus more in promoting products that they are passionate about.

  2. I love sites like this! Anything to help steer people away from scams and toward legitimate ways of making money is a good thing in my book.

    • No problem Deanna!
      There are indeed many scams out there. It would be best to weight their training, support, cost, network, and value. Don’t fall for people who sell $1 Apple for $100. The market is big, be wise in choosing the suitable one. 🙂

  3. hi Edy!
    OMG 45-minute paydays seems like such a scam!! I mean 15 000$??? that is just ridiculous! I absolutely despise those programs in which you have a “coach” who basically won’t leave you alone but yet never really telling you what you will be selling and how you would make money. Because if they told you from the beginning, well you would run! I have heard of Matt Lloyd and I know he was been successful online. But it is because he is at the top and making money off people signing up…

    • You are right Emily.
      Actually they are not technically a scam. It is just their ability to market multiple products with high ticket prices. Only those who are new into this whole Internet Marketing world gets trapped. If you look at the top earners inside Matt Llyod program, some of them are well-known marketers who have joined multiple MLM companies which open and close in the past. They make the most money because they understand the game very well + they have huge followers down the line.

      If you want to succeed on this scheme, you must go all in and force yourself to become an authority within the “exact” umbrella. This business model is meant for one purpose only. Which is “to make more money”!

      I quite disagree with it because people do have their own passion. They should grow their potential within those area, NOT being forced to promote the same damn thing. It will be better to become an Entrepreneur of your interest rather than promoting things you are not good at.

  4. Who falls for this crap? So many scams out there it’s amazing what people in a hurry to make money fall for. Thanks for the warning about these scam artists. Well done!

    • Hello Peter,
      I think only those who are 100% confident that the programs will work for them. But time will tell how successful they can be. Perhaps, by spending a lot of money on this program, some folks get pushed to work harder in achieving their success. But still, promoting the same things to the market? Ughh.. I don’t know why this is acceptable! Besides, so many misleading promise on the sales page big time.

      No hidden fee, no membership fee, and easy? Oh these are when you get to the point that you have been lied to!


    • If you are going to be unemployed, don’t even bother to spend $49 on 45 Minute Paydays. They will only promise you that everything is doable as long as you have the right way of thinking. Unfortunately, most people will be way more successful in doing what they love instead of referring people into the same stuff.

  6. Hi Edy, I am currently using and promoting the 45 Minute Paydays program as well as Wealthy Affiliate. I want everyone to know that most people that claim another home business opportunity is SCAM so that they can capitalize off the other program, in this case it is the 45 Minute Paydays, and refer them to their offer, in this case Wealthy Affiliate”. Please know that both of these programs are real and make money. It depends one each individual person to decide what program is interesting to them. I love both programs and can tell you both are successful if the individual is committed to working hard and learning the skills these programs teach. My recommendation is for everyone to find a program that speaks to them because if you are not excited about the opportunity you will not be successful. Best of luck to all but 45 Minute Paydays is NOT a Scam.

  7. Very good information, and yes their are to many scams out there.
    My philosophy is if it sounds to good to be true. It usually is not true…and you had better think twice about it. It has saved me many times in tough times. DON’T DO IT!! no mater how bad your situation is.
    Thank you for a great post!
    This will help allot of people that are not educated on such things in tough times.

    Linda 🙂

    • Yup!
      Sales people are so darn good to trap you. They claim things to be easy and doable. But sad enough, your hard earned cash is slowly being sucked dry. Now depending on your situation, be cautious of the worst case scenario. You don’t want to end up as “financial suicide”. Even in real life, when you buy something with the “exact” material, someone might charge you twice of the price.

      If you want to invest on big thing, first adopt a desire to win. Do NOT jump into one game that you are unacquainted with!

  8. wow, I can’t believe the audacity of peoples that has created this scheme. This product is succeeded to sells “the promise of making great money” plus there more upsells inside this scam product, thank you bro edy for your sharing, I’ve been there (get scammed), but until now is still always amaze by their sales page. Hope this won’t happen to me anymore

    • Hi Gesit,
      Yeah they are successful in selling people high ticket events all over the world. As what I heard, their previous front end funnel called MTTB was sold over 75,000 copies. The owner said that they want to spice things up a little bit. So now it has changed to 45 Minute Paydays. This obviously means that the previous product gets saturated and perhaps get many bad feedback, now they rename the brand.

      MOBE (the main company) used to be My Online Business Empire, this one also get changed into My Online Business Education. I have seen many MLM companies do this to avoid conflict for themselves. Unfortunate for the members. their hard work might get flushed away over night if something goes wrong. Huge risk right there my friend!

  9. Hi Edy, thanks for your valuable advice. could you please tell me about the right way to learn how to make money on-line, as i have a silly experience about that field.

    Thanks in advance

    • There are certainly many ways to do it. Depending on your GOAL, you can make money by working for people online or you can build a business based on your passion.

      Example to make money working at home is going to sites like,, etc for completing some tasks given to you. This way of earning may require specific skill of yours.

      As for Online Business, you can promote other people’s product/service in the beginning and earn commission-based sales. Let’s say you are passionate about Dog related topic. What you can do then.. Sign up as an Affiliate for free to promote the product/service. Assuming you wanted to become Amazon Associate. Then you can simply get an affiliate link to their Dog Food pages. When people visit the page and buy the items, you will get commissions. 🙂

      You can learn more here about Earning Money Online.

  10. he whole internet business is one huge scam. Most of the people offering training on some aspect of it have just finished a beginners’ course in it themselves. And the course they did was given by someone who had just finifhed the same course a day or two before.

    The 45/minute programme is almost certainly just another scam / but I wonder at your credentials for saying so. Do you, for example, collect commission from some alternative programme. I don’t know………maybe something like Wealthy Affiliate.

    • 45 Minute Paydays’ business model focuses more in selling products within one roof. And the pricings are way too much that members at the bottom will not earn back their money. It is really not advisable for beginners jumping into the system, unless you dare to spend thousands of dollars and know the benefits for yourself.

      As compare to Wealthy Affiliate. I can confidently say that the owners are very genuine. They never include hidden upsells. If you compare the two together, there is a significant difference. I would rather promote honest program and collect small commissions than high tickets but those I refer will have trouble making ROI.

      45 Minute Paydays is really about making the most money with high ticket products. Whereas Wealthy Affiliate is more about building a long-term online business based on your passion.

  11. I was about to join 45 minute paydays but thanks goodness, I didn’t make it. When I search if they are legit,I happened to be here and read your information about them.

  12. Thanks for the information, really appreciated. I set myself a challenge to set up a profitable business in 50 days, all running well at the moment and put a blog together to show what I have done day by day, was now looking at next opportunity to run alongside and about to investigate 45 minute payday, you have saved me the trouble!!!!
    btw, blog site is

    • That’s good Brian. Setting up a challenge for yourself will definitely help you reach your goals. Wish you luck with your online business. 🙂

  13. Thanx for such a gr8 review, saved a lot of time and money too, as i was planning to invest in it. Thanks again. 🙂

  14. Do you know how I can get this scumbag to stop leaving messages on my cell phone. It says I’ll only call once but I’ve gotten 3 calls. There is no option to take your number off because they forward the stupid message right to voice mail to avoid the do not call list guidelines. Thus company is full of scumbag tactics. I wish I knew where they operated out of.

  15. Thank you for steering me away from this too Edy. Good thing my brother suggested that I google search the review’s where I found you. We are struggling already and can’t afford to be losing money we dont have to begin with. Keep up the good work! Much appreciation once again.

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