Sell Other Companies Products OnlineFind out the best strategy on how to sell other companies products online. You will understand the process within my post because it involves only a few simple steps.

I am going to explain a quick overview as to how people search something using the internet and make a purchase. Perhaps, you can present your favorite offer which then lead to making commissions out of it.


3 Steps to Sell a Product Online

There are only 3 steps in order to sell other people’s product online. You need to set up them up strategically for maximum profits. Anyway, they are not complicated to do. Now let’s quickly see the three of them:

  1. Find an Offer
  2. Build your Funnel
  3. Generate Traffic


As you can see. Three are all it takes to make money online and live the lifestyle of mobility. You only need a laptop plus internet connection. How awesome is that? Alright, you might want to know more on the three components above, don’t worry as I will explain the details on each one of them below.


1. Finding An Offer

To find a good offer, you must do a research on it. The best way to do this is by going straight to Google search and type in the things that you love promoting. Bare in mind though, the product you choose might take a few months to get results. So make sure to pick the one that you are comfortable with.

Let’s say you love diet and live a healthy lifestyle. What you want to find then is a related company’s offer that resides with your current experience. Some people blindly choose a product that is completely strange to them, and they try to promote it. The result? Zero! Well because they cannot market to their audience.

Remember! Search something that you personally know and have experienced before. In addition to that, try to put yourself into the potential buyers’ shoes and see how attractive the offer is. If it is like a magnet to you, so do your prospects.

In order to do a product research, simply type in “your interest + affiliate program” on Google search bar. OR you may want to visit affiliate networks such as Clickbank, Amazon, Commission Junction, Linkshare and the list goes on.

diet affiliate program for selling other companies product online

“your interest + affiliate program”

After you have done your research, just create a free account with the company. Then you will be given an affiliate link. This is where you want to send people to. If they purchase the product from your unique link, you will earn commissions instantly.


2. Build Your Funnel

Now that you have chosen an offer, next is to sell them online NOT on the street. But how? Good question. But let me tell you what most people do wrongly. So when they get an affiliate link, these people usually just go to a random website or social media platform and then spam the link to death. You don’t want to implement the same ridiculous strategy. It will not work!

When you get the product to promote, you must create a system that is proven to work. And this will require tools and a web property. Just think it as an online store where people can visit to see the stuff inside. Basically, you must own a website. But don’t freak out because it is actually easy to build one.

funnel for selling other people productA website is used to give information to your potential buyers. Just think about it. How can people purchase a product on the internet? Of course it comes from a genuine and helpful content that other people provide in their web property. That’s simple!

So what you have to do, is simply write valuable information to your prospects and get their attention. Perhaps, they love your unique voice which then lead them purchasing things recommended by you. Sometime, this system is called a funnel where your visitors are going through your website to eventually buy the product inside.


3. Generate Traffic

Traffic means visitors or your potential buyers. It is just a fancy name in Internet Marketing world. And for you to have eyeballs into the offer, there are going to be a free and paid ways to go. A free one is by creating content to your readers. This content can potentially ranked on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Once it does, you will generate organic traffic without paying for an advertising. There are also many free ways such as commenting on forums, making a video on Youtube, and much more. But writing content and get ranking is the best one out there!

Yes there is also paid method to generate traffic. A good example is Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. I am sure you have seen them somewhere. Apart from those two networks, many I haven’t mentioned such as BingAds, Safe-Swap and much more.

When you have everything set up, sending traffic would the last thing to do. This allows your system to work around the clock. That’s why some internet marketing gurus out there refer it as Autopilot earnings.

sell other companies product using a proven system

How the 3 Steps Look like!

If you look at the entire 3 steps, it actually works the opposite where we need to send traffic to a funnel which consist of the offer. And of course the funnel means your website where most of the work will be done inside.


Get A Complete Training Program

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Alright that’s all from me. I hope you get the idea on promoting other people’s product online. It is not a rocket science, you can do this too. People are making handsome income by working in front of their computer. So jumping to it has never been better than before.

Anyway, please share this information if you find it helpful. Also leave a comment below for your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂



Your friend,

Edy Chandra