edy chandraHi there,

This is Edy the Founder of MySuccessOnlineMarketing.com

I have created this website to help ordinary people building a successful long-term online business based on their passion.

From my experience, I know how stressful it is to learn everything by yourself. Thus, most people fail to achieve freedom that they have dreamt of.



Online Marketing is indeed an excellent opportunity for those who want to:

  • Work at home
  • Make decent to full-time income
  • Have more time freedom with loved ones
  • Escape having to work for somebody else by exchanging time for money.
  • Travel the world along with their business. All we need is a laptop & internet connection. 🙂


To be honest, these 5 reasons are the driving force for myself when I first starting out. I had zero knowledge and experience about Online Marketing, but I simply know its true potential.


More and more people are buying stuff online. We are completely leaving money on the table if we don’t capitalize this changing technology.

There are currently over 3 Billions internet users in the world based on internet lives stats. Imagine putting just $1 product in front of them, sure you know how much money you can earn.


internet users chart stats



And here is a report for B2C e-commerce sales worldwide from 2012 to 2018 (in billion U.S. dollars):

b2c ecommerce sales


As we progress further into the future, online sales will ONLY GO UP. If you haven’t yet get started, you will be left behind and wondered why in the world traditional offline jobs are harder to get.

Well the reason is..



It is possible for anyone to have an online business. I believe that every person has value and something to offer. This can be ranging from many topics (wealth, health, relationship, gaming, lifestyle, or even a hobby).

You can create your own product, OR you can promote other people product and earn commission-based sales. There are many milestones to succeed using the power of internet!


In my website, you can find some interesting steps to start your journey toward Online Marketing world from scratch! I had been in your shoes, and I will help you in any way possible to get you in the right path of SUCCESS!


Please feel free to ask your question on the comment section below. I’d be more than happy to assist you as my new friend. 🙂




Edy Chandra


P.S. You can learn exactly how I make money online inside My #1 Recommended Platform (It’s FREE)



Welcome to My Success Online Marketing! — 28 Comments

    • Hi Paul,
      It seems to be a new program.
      I am not sure. But I will check it out later and inform you whether the opportunity works or not. 🙂

  1. I would like to cancel my membership and be refunded my $47 & $15 they billed me. I’ve been trying to contact someone responsible for refunding and cancelling memberships and no one has responded yet. I want my money put back into my account. And someone else can have my spot as a traffic authority member.

  2. Hello, I don’t have a website but I’ve been searching for several years now for an online business that is truly legit in which to make a good part time income. The problem is that everything I ever find always ends up being too good to be true and they often scam you out of $50-$100 before you realize you’ve been had. Is there actually any real decent honest online part time work that a person can truly make some decent money at? It gets frustrating even searching for such an idea anymore. Just hoping to find some honest answers.

    • Hi Thomas,
      I totally understand your situation because I had personally been there done that! Many opportunities nowadays are deceitful on the way they deliver content. What I would focus to see whether a program works or not, is through support channel. See if you can get helped fast and progress consistently. The second aspect is the training. Is it easy to absorb and implement? If yes, the that’s a good sign. Lastly, look at the pricing. Can you afford the on-going membership? I typically find something that align with my budget. 🙂

      I actually do have a platform which I think you can give it a try. There is no credit card required. Take a look yourself and make decision accordingly. Here you can read more within My Recommendation Review Page.

  3. Is there any company that a person can work for that uses the internet. I am retired and need to supplement my income to live a better life. SS does not pay enough to live the way I would like to. I would like to stay home to earn the income since I am 83 and running around would be a hassel right now. Money is a problem that is why I am interested in finding something where I could work for somebody or you might know something that I could do on line that I could earn an income from that does not cost an arm and a leg. Thanks so much.

    • Hi John, there are many ways you can work online. But most of them require a specific skill. At least you can do fast typing, I would suggest going to Elance or MechTurk website. You can read more on my post here “the easiest way to make money online“.

      Now as for a business opportunity. You might want to check out My #1 Recommendation program. It will teach you how to create a profitable website that sells anything you like. It can be a hobby or an interest. I see many senior folks inside too. Maybe you can connect with them. 🙂

  4. Edy, I am so pleased with your success. Your advice is very forthright. I will like to take a page out your book. Many Blessings on your continue success.

  5. Hello, i’m brazillian and I loved yout website. I found very quality content here. Thanks.

    You indicate start my job as affiliate with a blog? (forgive my english!)

    • Yes Bruno.
      I think you mean that you can create a career as an affiliate using a blog? It can be done if you put in the effort. I myself about 1-2 hours for my website. Then another hour I put into training prior to implement it.

  6. Hi Edy, I sent you a message to your e-mail address. However, it is being returned, with a note, that the address is invalid. Do you have another mailing ad
    dress, I could use?

  7. Hi Edy!
    I do agree with all you’ve said through this content. It is true online business is going increasingly nowadays, and spammers and scams are a lot of online. Even myself have been one of their victims. But i can assure averyone who is readings this comments that Wealth Affiliate is the best one. It is legit and really exist. It works perfectly good! Do not hesitate to register there!
    Besides, this website of Edy Chandra is also good and it is not a scam. You can trust him. I know him very well. He is a good man plenty of kindness. He always take pleasure by helping others to succeed in online business! People like him are not a lot on this Earth!

  8. After reading your review of the Affliate Marketing Millionaire Program, I decided, that I made the right decision to request a refund. I didn’t feel the training was thorough enough for me and had no actual benefit.
    Thanks Edy!

  9. “Report for B2C e-commerce sales worldwide from 2012 to 2018 (in billion U.S. dollars)”

    Thanks for making available.

  10. I signed up years ago for the free trial and never followed through, don’t remember why but if I go premium I’m guessing I would be signing under the person that got me to join the free trial. if so and needed help would he be the one to help me or could anyone help me, like you ?

  11. Edy I have been on the course this past 7 days and now locked out.I went through the first part of the course to understand However I cannot go back to the beginning (name Bluesamber)

    Q! If I join now- $19 first month – I need to start the course again to build from the beginning- Can I
    Q2- Can i then purchase on the second month the full annual subscription?

    Q3 I will need your assistance and mentorship- how often are you available?

    • Hi Neil, to answer your questions:

      Q1. Sure you can.

      Q2. Yes, you may do so.

      Q3. I always try my best to reply whenever I have free time throughout the day. 🙂

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